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Handwritten History of Irrigation Problems - OK Center, 1930-35 Goldie, James 1935

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shaped by Mutual Fruit Company Ltd. Vernon BC J III
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smpPED by Mutual Fruit Company Ltd. Vernon, BC TRANSCRIPT OF HANDWRITTEN HISTORY
The years 1929, 30 and 31 were so called dry years. Orchards
getting not more than 1 acre foot of water. The system was not
being maintained in an efficient manner. The Company refused to
add to the supply of storage water. No reserve was being set up
by the Company for the purpose of replacing the system, and the
company's financial statement was not satisfactory. The users
were not organized and could not take united action for
protecting themselves. Water comptroller wished the District to
be for it now appears for purpose of securing the building of a
One of the first actions of the District was the cutting of
a channel from D. to C. Lakes to help out the supply of water in
the year of {}? During the dry seasons considerable trouble
arose in regard to the supply of water to the Duck Lake Creek
License users. The Water Comptroller ordered the storage licenses
to construct a ByPass, with the alternative of passing sufficient
water into Duck Lake to supply the so-called Lower Flat users.
The year in which the District was formed {?} the users were
to prepared to arrange the building at this ByPass. At this time
the Water Company stopped in and constructed a steel flume
carrying water from the Creek to about the location of the
Altered intake, to Duck Lake Creek above the bridge on Beau Lake
At the time of the construction of the steel ByPass the
District was applying for further storage int he Lakes. It was
proposed that the Beaver Lake dam be raised. The Water Company
would not agree to this, so the District then applied for storage
on Crooked Lake.
The Water Engineers contended that there was a serious loss
of water between the point of delivery to Duck Lake Creek and the
Smallwell Bridge and wished the District to extend the ByPass
from a point, where it crossed the Railway track to the Smallwell
Bridge thereby delivering water to what is called the Upper Flat
records. The construction of this addition was made on condition
in the securing of additional storage License for the District.
The District objected to constructing this addition to the
ByPass unless the Flat Licenses participated in the cost of
construction. A flume eoijrani t tee, composed of two Lower Fiat
users, one Upper Flat user, and two District users, was appointed
by a public meeting of License holders under the Beaver Lake
watershed. - 2 -
This committee proceeded to construct a wooden flume from
the Railway crossing to the Smallwell Bridge with measuring boxes
to.the Upper Flat users (excepting the McCarthy license). Tffie^
Lower Flats agreed to pay $ , the Upper Flats $ . The
District the balance of the cost. The flume was constructed in
the spring of  .
The collection of those contributions was found most
difficult and ad at July 13, 1935, there was outstanding
from the Lower Flats and $  from the Upper Flats. The Water
District has up to date spent $ .
The Upper Flat users pay to the Company an annual fee of
$1.00 per acre for the use of the steel flume from the intake to
Infield railroad crossing. From that point they have not being
paying for upkeep or reserve.
The ByPass has resulted in a much longer and better water
service to all Flat users, for which up-to-date they have not
made further contribution than their initial contribution to the
cost of constructing the wooden section of the present Bypass and
in the case of the Upper Flat users the rental paid annually to
the Company.
An additional storage license was secured by the District to
store water in Crooked Lake. A dam was constructed at the outlet
of Crooked Lake at a cost of $  storing an estimated amount
of about   acre feet.
Since construction there has been an additional expense for
raising the crest of the dam   and for maintenance  . A
further expenditure for repairs to the spillway will be required
to be made in 1935.


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