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Letter from J. L. Logie to "Sir" [E. C. Maile], April 20, 1926 Logie, J. L. Apr 20, 1926

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 <£o/3.S7 %o3.z~\
*ipi*seth les
Water Ueer^
in conn
mot  aoxi
sad U$m
then - M
lotos  t
the  M
was not
\for tha
gene un
I repress
the who
J have gone very fully inte the request'made by Mr*  Borrie tc Mr*  Cochrane
ection with th.e water situation and the appeal sow before the Minister ef
[ir.  i-atullc*     In this eesheeticn 1  think a ahsrt history of the propositi on
Okanagan Centre would net be cut of place*
Th* original  promoters ef this orchard land and the Irrigation syates. here
in and found they had riot enough rr.cney  til. carry on the prefect with the
they had te borrow money and mortgage the lands*     In a short time they were
|  to pay  the interest,  with the result that they had tc abandon the project
d.over te these whe advanced the money*   this pr oposi ti on*    The principals,
.   urrtns Mr* jstowell  and kr*  Millie,  agreed to go en and carry out what the
1  intention was,  which they have ^nB9   so far the saute being a ftnandial
them in every  reapeet/lfVbey  decided  that two  companies should be  feraed
paisy known as the Okanagan 'Valley Land Company,Lmited,  and the irrUra.t\on
known as the Okanagan Centre Irrigation and Power Co^pa&y Limited*    fhey
definite arrange** ent and agreement as to how they should be opera tied*    It
very long before the irrigation cemp:*«y had to receive tfeasiderable
nee from the Land oe&pany*   to enable It to carry 'on,   and had it net been
rv@t that too Land'ceit*party had steed by. then all through*   thty   would have
^er long hEOere this*    then the orchards beg^n to develop the let owners
ed that one i*erc feet*   the mount in the original agreeaent,  was net
eat water,  and the result 'tis that the water users here and Url barren
nting the ee&paay,  and a nurcber of the tfoverament officials a>et te dieeuss
le situation ae te what was beet te beAiiiaV    On behalf of  the Sdapeny &r*
agreed te go en and epead ccaalderable money in a das.  so that saore wafer
be available*    the water users on their part agreed that the rates  should
same for the seeond acre foot aa fcr the firat aere feet*  naaely fs*ec*
ren went en and Carried out his part ef tho arrangement end Instead ef thle
cut costing*  according % the engineers estimate,  about $7,000*CO as it
posed it would,  it has seat $1§, 00$*44 without interest te date*     it was
ention that everyone would take the additional amount ef water* but the
eases being a wet year very few availed thsaseives of  this privilege snd enXj
few signed the supples;mtary smftxasS agreement*    A circular was sent out
r usera te thi
the first ef J
arted in aa ho
witii the water
%t wtlch I   attach,
am one
lary*  1084* found cn^&iderable
st. attempt te endeavor to  rectify
icy requested in the hopes that
f wae established that the people weald than
i for the extra supply of water*    The great
vbt one &ere feet have either signed aa agreeaent
bs tc do  so*    Quite a large ausber apparently
foot*    We have let it go at that and shea we
m by the Beard of Investigation the vital
iculd be paid for this extra aero feet* after the
iB.d geae en m& spent iscney requisite te give
ef water* In our opinion*
water wa& available that
±cu all knew taai
during the  eoasei
Liable would have
amount that it
iw no apsreclatief
* & C &".
\r m
>esn handled daring the past
ay etas en as efficient a basis
pessary  tc have much larger
>ew being o nodded,   but scat
ib ef them ©ay be alright but
i.ain*    Sad this Oempaay bees
net faithfully carried out
>r | our request*    v*e do not
^reposition here* we have the
'P&ble ef (2)
system on receiving reasonable consideration for what this system has cost us*
We do not expect to get the full value. owes
I have intimated that we havs as good a section of the Valley as exists^
and a system second to none, but the whole can only be conserved by mutual
confidence* lour cause of complaint in the first instance was that the quantity
cf water was insufficient and that provision for the upkeep of the system was
not adequate;  both these complaints we.have used our best efforts to remove
and I ncv? feel it is your duty to as 1st the Company in carrying out its plans
as it has dons intthe past.
. Tho proposition mads to you by Mr* Warren in which all the irrigation
|rates collected should be spent on this system and accounted for, is quite
sufficient to gauarantee that the irrigation system will be put in as efficient
condition as is possible with the money at our disposal, of this we have net
any doubt.
You ask us to enter into another agreement with you. Our past experience
in this connection has not been very satisfactory.  I we\kld suggest that you
try to m ake good first of all on what you preveusly agreed to do before you ask ul
to make any further arrangement with you.
f*ii Yours truly,
signed J*  L*  Legle*
Okanagan Centre Irrigation and Power Company ntc


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