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Kelowna In Bygone Days
Thursday, February 7, 1907
While being trucked off the
barge on Monday, a piano overbalanced on the truck and fell upon the ice going partly through it.
Before being rescued from its perilous position, it was considerably
damaged by water and it is understood the consignee refused it.
* •    ♦
Last Friday, while proceeding to
fork  hay  from  a  stack  for  cattle
feed, Mr. Gruyelle found a golden
eagle in a half-frozen condition on
the stack.    He  captured  the  bird
without difficulty and brought it to
town,   eventually  selling  it to Mr.
J.  Milligan,   of   the   Palace   Hotel,
who has it on exhibition. The eagle,
strange  to  say, is quite tame and
does not   object   to  being  strok v
and handled, a unique fact, as m&%
predatory birds   lose    nothingv
their native fierceness, even if,
in  captivity  and  fed by ha:
* *   *
The mother of Mr. D. E. Gellitly,
of Gellatly, an aged lady of 1 88
years, arrived from Rossland \by
Monday's boat to pay a visit to aer
son. In spite of her advanced a^e,
she is quite active. She was taki
across the ice on Tuesday by Mi
Gellatly irr~a~ cutter drawn by mani
power and had a narrow escape
from a ducking, in the lake, as two
of the party dragging the cutter
broke through. The sleigh fortunately did not follow them and the
immersed victims scrambled out
again. We are told that Mrs. Gellatly was in the powder explosion
that occurred in Rossland last year
which killed Mr. Ingram, formerly
chief of police. She was rendered
nnrnnsmoils for several hours by
the cp»cxrSs"ion but escajT&A^with
oj*trpermanent injury.
* ♦   ♦
The ice on the lake suddenly disappeared on Saturday afternoon,
being .driven from the lake shore in
front of Kelowna by a brisk easterly breeze which broke it lobse.
However, the same night the bay
froze over again and the packed ice
having accumulated in the narrows
between town and Siwash Point, a
number of people walked and skated over the frozen surface the following day to the west side. The
"Aberdeen" and "York" did not attempt to penetrate the ice barrier
south of town on Monday but jointly broke a way into the wharf here.
Navigation to southern points seems
definitely closed for some time to
come at time of writing (Tuesday)
although there is still open water
for some distance south of the accumulated ice in the narrows. Mail
for points down the lake was landed here to await conveyance across
the ice.
incomplete results of thejp*t5vin-
cT^k^general electionsaj2fe^given in
this issTm: ■Witlir^'^many polling-
places still to hear from, the standing of the respective parties was:
Conservatives, 22; Liberals, 12; Socialists, 3; doubtful, 5.
In the Okanagan constituency,
which then included the whole valley from Mara to Penticton, with
fift.ppn   nolle  in hpar from,  the  res-
llP^lrfelM6^^ til
Church now contains 171 names.
* *    »
Mr. Lynn Harvey left this morning for Vancouver, where he intends to join an overseas unit, probably the Army Service Corps, for
service abroad.
* *    *
Two soldier's kits, belonging to
the 131st Battalion were found in
the Aquatic Pavilion at the beginning of the week.   Apparently they
had been left there by deserters.
Mr. W. E. W. Mitchell's launch
dragged her anchor and went south
during the strong north wind last
week. The vessel was then blown
across the lake and was later blown
north^agaln on the we^t**si4e, being
pip£ea up by the ferry andrawed
io safe quarters none    the    wor
for its unguided jaunt.
* *   *
Last Friday morning the lake
froze over to a thickness of one and
a half inches, reminding citizens of
last year's frigid ordeal. The "Sica-
mous" easily ploughed her way
through, though it made her some
five hours late on her southward
journey. The ferry "Aricia" however, was brought to a standstill
with engines running full speed but
by backing up and making a succession of charges, shfe also reached
the west^shore. This is the second-
^ime in twenty years that the lake
js frozen ta such an extent.
Fou^carloads of apples from ttare
Kelownas^istrict went downija^the
C.P.R.     steaftwM^   "Manfrt^TVmnlp"
which was sunk recently by a German submarine in the Atlantic.
Two of these carloads were shipped
from here by Stirling and Pitcairn
and the remaining two were consigned by the B.C. Growers Ltd.
* *   *
Among the list of officers and
men submitted by the Britjsh Com-
"lander-in-Chief at the front to the
jeretary of State for War, as deserving of special mention by reason \f their distinguished and gallant services and devotion to duty,
are Lt>Col. G. H, Brush, Lt.-Col.
A. R. Harmon and Capt. Cleminson,
three forVner residents of the Kelowna district.
I       *   ♦   * ^H
Mr. R. JA. Copeland and Mr. T.
Morrison (returned on Friday evening last from their trip in the southern Okimagan for the purpose of
forming jpdditional locals of the
United Farmers of British Columbia, fornterly known as the B.C. Agricultural 0 Organization Association.
They report a very successful trip,
having formed branches at Penticton, 'Brout Creek, West Summer-
land/Naramata, Westbank and Gel-
latlv; with the probability that
Peachland   and  Marron   Lake  may
frm up in the near future.. Messrs.
Hereron, S. T. Elliott and A.
McQuarrie, who toured North Okanagan in order to form locals there,
do not appear to have met with the
same success as the two delegates
who went south.
* >    *
At the annual general Vestry
meeting of the Kelowna Anglican
Parish, held on Jan. 24th? the Rector, Ven. Archdeacon Greene, appointed Mr. J. R. Beale as his warden  in place  of Mr.  E. M.  Carru-
pecTTve  _
Price Ellison, Conservative, 699;
Dr. K. C. MacDonald, Liberal, 478;
J. Logie, Socialist, 76. The vote at
Kelowna was: Ellison 77, MacDonald 86, Logie 10, and at Benvoulin
(apparently the only other polling-
place in the Kelowna district) Ellison 51, MacDonald 13, Logie 2.
Thursday, February 8, 1917
The  honor  roll  of  the  Anglican
ies and residence four miles out of
town, was obliged to decline ap-
pointmnt for another year. Mr. G.
A. Fisher was the unanimous choice
for re-election as People's Warden,
Mr. R. E. Denison was re-elected as
Auditor and the following were
chosen as members of the Church
Committee: Messrs. P. DuMoulin, L.
E. Taylor, W. Whiffin, F.V. Royle,
D. Lloyd-Jones, F. W. Groves, A. C.
Poole, C. Johnson and R. E. Denison.
*    *    *
Owing to growth of the work, it
was found no longer feasible for
the City Clerk to carry on the secretarial duties of the local branch
of the Canadian Patriotic Fund,
and Mr. J. R. Beale was appointed
as full-time secretary at a salary
of $80 a month, half of the amount
to be paid by the city and half
through local contributions.
Thursday, February 10, 1927
The work of driving piles for the
new ferry wharf has commenced,
also that of grading an approach to
G. H. Dunn has received word
that  last   Sunday's  broadcast  from
the  local  radio   station  was heart
clearly at Gull Lake, Sask.
The celebration of the Chiaese
New Year was carried out/jajs
week   with  much   less  hulla]
**      JJ2.
n /—-
ILXteilSlOll   Ul  mil   unit:  i^:ctiiii~
being tame in comparison with lor-
mer efforts. The one big night vas
on Thursday, but the bombardn
southern  connections.
'Express, mail and passengers were1
brought across the ice this morning
on sleighs. Two male bus passengers
from   the   south   crossed   over   the
ice which was cracking alarmingly,
than usual    thp riisnlav nf firpwrrk*   lce  W111C11   Wct» uict<j^in& aieuimngiy,
u^* +™';!? .ri?5:X°£ *r®w+rks but two other men and one woman
was  comparatively brief.
*    *    *
At   the   annual   meeting   of
Kelowna Board of Trade,  held
preferred to turn around. There
was only one man from the north
\ walked across to catch the southbound  bus  stranded  at   the   ferry
he wharf.
on      "Shortly   after   one   o'clock   the
was   re-elected   for   another   te:
February 8, President W. R. Treich  ferry   left  the   Kelowna  wharf   in
,m> an attempt to break through. Three
and N. M. Foulkes was chosen las boxes of dynamite were carried on
vice-president, both by acclamation,  board to assist m the^QRexaiians^
Statistics obtained by the secret- * 'Witn'a change in the weather
ary, E. W. Barton, showed thkt and the temperature slowly rising,
nearly a million dollars was pafe 2t J? not anticipated that the ferry
out in 1926 for labor and purchase^ Wll] .have much difficulty in re-
of supplies in connection with? tha
operation of canneries and pack^
inghouses  in  Kelowna,  the detail^
opening its channel across the lake."
Margaret   Taylor,
Kelowna   ba
.* star, failed in her bid/4or
being   as  follows:   wages,   $430,450;  the DrovTr^4u^cJiamr>ionsru>^^in^
hAVOC     ZOQddQR.    nolle     <fc1A14A.    nana*,.       ln6    P™ Y1™^ .jTOfflff 19^3**^    lOSing
boxes, $294,495; nails, $10,140; paper,
wraps, $69,185; freight (partial) $24,-
500; sacks and cans, $95,920—total,
*    *    *
Mrs. F. R. E. DeHart was re-elected as Regent at the eighth annual meetin of Jack McMillan
Chapter,    Imperial    Order    of   the
to the title holder, Mrs. Kier Patrick, in the finals, 3-11, 14-11, 11-4.
R. Lupton, Kelowna, lost in the
men's finals to A. Godfrey, Nelson,
15-13, 17-14.
*    *    *
The  'flu  epidemic was declining
and   all  schools  in   the   Okanagan
were expected to reopen on Mon-
Daughters  of the Empire,  held  on   d       Ele£en teachers and 536 pupils
Feb. 8. Other officers chosen were:
being absent had forced the closing.
first vice-president, Mrs. W  Lloyd-  of the Kelowna schools.
Jones;   second   vice-president,   Mrs. *    *    *
Dayton Williams; secretary, Mrs. R.      Rinks skipped by  Harry  Chapin
Bruce Deans,  re-elected;  treasurer,  and  Dr.  A.   S.  IJnderhill  won  the
Mrs,   S.   M,.   Simpson;   educational  major honors  of the first bonspiel
secretary, Mrs. J. H. Trenwith, re-  0f the Kelowna Curling Club.
elected; echoes secretary, Mrs. J. W.
Jones; -standard bearer, Mrs. G.
Chaplin; councillors, Mesdames F,
B. Lucas, O. France, W. F. Hopkins,
R. S. Moe and J. Galbraith.
"There are more rumors of war
than a real danger," declared Rev.
Father Jansen, of the Rutland Catholic parish, in an interview with
the Courier folowing his Return
from a visit to Germany, his native
*    *    *
"Prairie trade wants good quality fruit," was the theme of a report presented to the B.C. Fruit
son; vice-president, Don Fillmore; Board, following an intensive inves-
executive, I. Newman, H. Mitchell, tigatiOn of Okanagan fruit on the
Art Hett^erson^EgU^^ffT^Mc prairie markets.
*    *    * \On February 7th the mercury hi
"A   change   in   direction   of   the  A below and was 4 below on tl
wind   blocked   up   the   channel   of 8tjL The rest of the week was w
the   Kelowna-Westbank   ferry   this  amove  the   zero   mark,   the  lc
aorning and cut off Kelowna fror^>eing 11 above.
Thursday, February 11,  1937
The new executive of the Kelowna Junior Board of Trade was composed  of:   president,  R.  F.  Parkin-


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