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The Apple Market
WHAT will the two trade treaties signe
at Washington a couple of weeks 1
ago do to the apple market which Canada ]
has been enjoying in the United Kingdom j
for the past five years?   In the opinion j
of Business Week, which keeps a watchful
eye on trade agreements and trade movements affecting the United States, there
does not seenvto be any doubt   "The new
trade agreement with the United King-
dom," it says, "cuts the duty on our apples,
will help us to recover our place in the
British market"
In this connection, Business Week publishes an interesting graph showing how,
in 1929, the United States supplied about
55 per cent of the apples imported by the
United Kingdom, while Canada supplied
26 per cent and Australia 7 per cent The
proportions varied somewhat in the three
succeeding ye$rs. Then, in, 1933, the Ottawa Treaties came into effect and the
proportion supplied by the United States
went down to 20 per cent., while Canada's
share went up to 38 per cent and Australia's to 32. In 1935, Canada had 30
per cent of the United Kingdom market,
Australia 27 per cent, and the United
States 33 per cent Last year Canada
filled 35 per cent of British requirements,
Australia 31 per cent and the United
States 25 per cent.
With a handicap of 40 cents a box, the
United States has been able, since 3932, to
retain an average of 26 per cent of the
British apple market, while Canada's
average, with the preference in her favor*
has been 33.6 per cent With the preference now cut away one-third, what is
Canada's chance?


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