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 HOW   TO   TAN.
The following are directions lor
proper tanning, prepared by A.
H. Shotbolt, exhibition specialist
with the provincial department of
agriculture, and given for the use
of those who have access to hides
that might be used:
How to tan with the hair left
on—Place, in a crock or wood
container, a tanning solution made
in the following proportions: 1
ounce sulphuric acid, 5 pounds
saltpetre, 1 gallon of soft water.
Place the hide or skin in this
solution and leave for one month.
Remove the skin from the solution and place flesh side up on
floor or table, and, with a hacksaw blade, break up the flesh and
remove surplus fat, etc., and wash
in warm soapy water.
Spread or tack on a wall, flesh
side out, and dress with a small
quantity of warm neatsfoot oil.
How to make buckskin—Make
the following solution: 2 pounds
unslaked lime, 1 gallon of water.
Leave the skin in this solution
from 6 weeks to 2 months and
do not change the solution.
Place it in a tanning solution,
prepared as above, for 3 or 4
weeks, then take it out and use
hacksaw blade as above. Wash
in warm soapy water and dress
both sides with neatsfoot oil.
These solutions will produce a*
white buckskin; if you wish the
brown tone, do not use the lime
but soak in clear water for the
first 6 or 8 weeks.
It is important to note that in
doing lamb skins they must be]
in the solution the same day as:
One  tanning  solution  will  do!
from 20 to 30 hides.   These solutions will not harm the  hands


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