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Retail Buyer's Order and Agreement, March 16, 1936 [unknown] Jan 1, 0001

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*"~>^ •       Date
A&/^<~\aSSK^^ CAJt^	
Ford Dealer  (hereafter! a
Ford Dealer  (hereafteil called the Vendo:
i4-oo ^^. AXJuXfckAiJk.T/u>33£n~
 \j... Key   Number   	
£r foSW^*^1^
Motor  Number
Upon  the  following  terms   and  conditions:
Price—Delivered and complete except  for extras  as  listed below:
VvuXu-4^ \AS%
.Jp&frva,,'^ Jtfci
<>4 JLjsn-ft *£
License  (omit  when  license included  in  price)...
Total Cash  Sale  Price7/
Time  Sale  Price Differential,
Received   Deposit   in   Cash   	
Deposit  in  Used  Car  	
Model    ......
Total Time Price
...Serial   No	
Cash  to be  Paid on Delivery...
Total Down Payment
Note:  With monthly payments as follows, for Balance	
C 0
. Occupation i	
Business   Address   	
... •;■; ■■&/'■''
Delivery Required 	
 Phone  No.
Date Delivered  	
j have read the terms and Manufacturer's Warranty printed on the back hereof and agree to
them as a part of this Order the same as if they were printed above my signature.
The above and the terms and Warranty on the reverse side hereof, shall comprise the entire
agreement affecting this purchase and no other agreement or understanding of any nature
concerning this purchase has been made or entered into or is a part of this transaction.
*This word to be scored out when a used car other than "Ford" is sold.
-A 1. I agree to pay the amount due .on*delivery and accept the motor vehicle mentioned be««ajn
within forty-eight hours,after I have been notified that it is ready for delivery.    Failure on my""\
part so to do forfeits my cash deposit as liquidated damages for your expense and  efforts, and
permits  you otherwise to dispose of the motor vehicile without any  liability to me whatsoever.
It is  understood and  agreed  that  the  price  of  the motor  vehicle  is  subject  to  change  without
notice and price effective on day of delivery will be the governing price.
2. Upon acceptance by me of delivery of said motor vehicle, time shall be of the essence of
this agreement and on my subsequent default in making any payment due hereunder, or on my
commission of any breach of any of the terms of this Agreement, or in the event of my bankruptcy, the whole balance of purchase price shall forthwith without demand become due and
payable,-and Vendor or Vendor's assigns may immediately repossess the motor vehicle and all
attachments, and may break and force open any enclosures and fastenings of any kind to "secure
access to said motor vehicle, and may remove, store and repair same, and may sell same by
public sale or by private sale or otherwise with or without notice, and with or without advertising and upon such terms and for such price as Vendor or Vendor's assigns may deem best,
and the net proceeds of such re-sale actually received after deducting all expenses of and
incidental to repossession, storage, repair and sale shall be applied on the sums payable hereunder,
and Vendor or Vendor's assigns may enter suit for the deficiency for which I hereby agree I
shall be liable. The rights of Vendor herein are declared to be cumulative and not alternative,
and waiver of any default shall not constitute waiver of any other subsequent default.
3. If it  shall be found that  any  portion of  this  Agreement  violates  in  any  particular  any
law of the Dominion of Canada or of any Province thereof having jurisdiction in the premises,
such portion or portions of this Agreement shall be and are hereby declared  to be of no force
and effect in that political unit, division -or subdivision in which they are illegal or unenforceable, '
and this agreement shall be treated as if such portion or portions had not been inserted herein.
4. If  payment  in  full   hereunder  is   not   made   on   delivery   of   motor   vehicle,   I   agree   upon
Vendor's request to execute and deliver to Vendor upon the form  in use by Vendor,  a  Finance
Agreement whicli, shall thereupon supersede this Agreement, save as to manufacturer's. w&]tf<bj$yj;
hereinafter set out,  and clauses numbered 8,  11  and  12 hereof which  shall  remaffPfn* rCTJWN^i*MjA <
and effect. IT'—'' "v^T^SS^j
5." Vendor will not be held liable for any delay or failure to make delivery for any cause
whatsoever, and this Order and Agreement shall notbe binding upon the Vendor until approved
by him or by one of his employees duly authorized in writing.
6. It is expressly understood and agreed that title to the motor vehicle is to remain in
Vendor until the full amount of purchase price and other charges have been paid in cash,
and Promissory Notes taken by Vendor are taken not as payment but merely as evidence of
my indebtedness.
7. It is agreed that I have no right to assign or transfer this Order and Agreement and I
understand that whenever this Order -and' Agreement is signed and delivered by more than one
person, and accepted by the Vendor, it shall be construed as though the plural of singular
pronouns, I, my, me or myself appear therein.
9. It is agreed and understood that if used car which is to be applied as a deposit or aa
partial payment on account of motor vehicle, is not turned over to the Vendor at the time this
Order and Agreement is signed, then any allowance set may be revised by Vendor at time such
car is actually received by him. Also, if prior to delivery by Vendor of motor vehicle ordered
in this Order and Agreement, the prices of new Ford Cars and/or Trucks are revised, then any
allowance placed on a used car which has been received by Vendor as a deposit or partial
payment within thirty days previous to date such price revisions become effective, may be
revised by the Vendor at that time, provided the used car is still in his possession  and  unsold,
10. It is expressly agreed that if for any reason purchase of motor vehicle is not consummated,
any used car which may have been delivered to the Vendor and sold by him prior to cancellation
of this Order and Agreement shall be accounted for by the Vendor at the price sold, less retail
price of all material and labor expended in reconditioning the said Used Car, also less fifteen
percent, of the sale price or the sum of Seventy-five Dollars whichever shall be greater. If Used
Car- has not been sold, Vendor may return it to me and I will pay the usual charge for any
storage or repairs made to the Used Car during period it has been in possession of  Vendor.
11. It is understood and agreed, that if the motor vehicle purchased hereunder, is a new Ford
motor vehi«^e, the Vendor shall perform all of the obligations required of him under the Manufacturer's Service Policy current at the date of delivery to me of said motor vehicle, and copy
of which will be delivered to me by the Vendor with the said motor vehicle.
12. It is^ acknowledged, that Ford Motor Company of Canada Limited, whose policy is one of
continuous improvements, reserves the right at its discretion and without notice to make changes
in the design, equipment or general specifications of any of its products without obligating itself
and/or the Vendor to any person or body corporate in any manner whatsoever.
13. Receipt of a copy of this Order and Agreement  is hereby acknowledged.
Manufacturer's Warranty: Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited, hereinafter termed
the Manufacturer, warrants all such parts of New Ford Automobiles, Trucks and Chassis as
shall under normal use and service appear to it to have been defective in workmanship or
material. This Warranty shall be limited to shipment to the purchaser, without charge, except
for transportation, of the part or parts intended to replace those acknowledged by the Manufacturer to be defective. The Manufacturer cannot, however, and does not accept any respon«
sibility in connection with Ford Automobiles, Trucks or Chassis, when they have been altered
outside of its own* factories, so as, in its judgment to affect the stability or reliability of such
vehicles. The Manufacturer makes no warranty whatsoever with respect to tire casings and tubes.
The Manufacturer is not responsible to any Purchaser of its products for any undertaking,
representation or warranty, except those herein stated, made by any person, dealer or body
corporate, selling or in any manner whatsoever dealing in its product.


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