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Where   Growers   Are   in   About
the Same Predicament as in
the Okanagan
Although There Were 6,000 Cars!
Less Apples to Dispose of i
Pacific Coast Packer: The 1928 apple crop of the North Central Washington district will bring into the
district the sum of $21,000,000 and
the soft fruit crop |2,000,000 more,
according to estimates based upon returns already received.
This is about $2,000,000 less than
the $25,000,000 received for the
19 27 crop which consisted of only
17,000 cars compared with the 23,000
cars which will be shipped for the
present season.
This year's crop now is estimated
at 21,284 cars, including about 1,200
cars of culls and 20,000 cars of commercial fruit. The average f.o.b.
(price for the packed apples is estimated at $1.40 per box, or a total of
$21,000,000. The 2,000 cars of soft
fruit will average $1,000 per car, including 1,200 cars of pears, 33 cars
of mixed fruit, 19 7 cars of cherries,
150 of apricots, 104 of peaches and
12 cars of plums and prunes.
Last year the 15,000 cars of commercial apples averaged $1.95 per
box f.o.b. cars hqre, and the soft
fruit averaged nearer $2,000 per car
than $1,000.
Of the $21,000,000 received for the
sale of the 1928 apple crop $3,750,-
000 or 25 per cent, fori each of the
j 15,000,000 boxes, went for ware-
| housing, labelling, loading, and sell-
! ing expenses.
An addition of $750,000, or 5c a
box wag spent for storage, insurance,
brokerage, etc. Tliis^t^ ■ f 16/0 0 0,-
000 which was the amount that the
growers actually received.
Of this sum, it is estimated that
1 40c per box covers the cost o% paying
taxes and water charges, spraying
and spray materials, cultivating, irrigating, thinning, prunin gancj other
items connected with growing the
crop. This amounts to $6,000,000
and leaves the growers $10,500,000,
or just one-half the total crop sales.
Picking, grading, packing, boxing,
hauling, and delivering to the warehouse accounts for 25c per box or
$5,250,000 leaving a balance of an
equal amount.
Box shooks cost 15c per box or
$2,250,000, paper 6^c per box or
$975,000, nails V2c per box or $75,-
000, cleaning 2V2c per box or $375,-
000, a total of $3,675,000. This
leaves the grower a final net profit of
$1,575,000 or a little more than 10c
per box. In other words the growers
will receive $1.10 per box for every
grade and variety and his total costs
will be $1 per box for the entire
Last year the grower received an
average of about $1.65 per box and
his cost "was slightly higher than this
year's, or $1.05 per box, leaving him
a net profit of about 60c a box, on
11,000,000 boxes or about $6,600,-
This profit includes the interest on
his investment, which is variously estimated at $1,000 to $1,500 per acre
for the 22,500 acres of full bearing
orchard in this district.
Many orchardists in this district
will make good* money as they always do, especially those having a
large crop of Winesaps and Delicious.
Many good orchardists produced
large crops as efficiently as possible
and yet lost heavily on the year's
operations. The average grower just
about broke even, but in view of last
year's profitable operation, they are
not discouraged, as they confidently
j expect to make a good profit occas-
I ionally, sufficient to remunerate them
! for their losses.


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