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Agreement between The Rainbow Ranche Limited and Jesse R. Goldie, June 30, 1954 Rainbow Ranche Jun 30, 1954

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 mi-p       mm was i2±*
13 LC     \     . (
?  ....  .- • <&o/3,syV^7
m US        .flt doted the 30tfc day of Jun©9 195**«
fie in
the Province of British Cc        '.a sad
having its chief place of business at
Ottsnagiin Centri'       -he ield Frovlnce,
©ad now in voluntary liquidation,
(hereinafter called the "Assignor*),
of the- r. ■ PART,
AMI*. J|        a. flcmq; ©elf©, of©n
?e ©f cresai-
(hereinaftar eslled the "Assignee"),
xm 9
• ■.. *
^K®EAS by Agree?'ant for S©2e dated the 22nd dey of
*f 1952 and sad© between th© Assignor end ShAgehlss Hlklehl,
rancher, of GSfatuigsn Centre, sfore-said, the Assignor ©greed t© sell
and convey unto the said Shigehita Hlklehl, who thcr«ln agreed to
purchase froa the Assignor, lands ©r.  ;. ■.aises situate in the
©soyeo© Division of Y«l« rittriot in the sold Provine© and aor©
p©rtici:lnrly known and described as Lot A, ttttlo© Twenty-One (21),
township Twont:.' C.-O), Osoyeos Liv        ..:strict, Plan Four
S*out«ni Five Bundr#d and !?lnety*One 0*591)f  for the consideration
sui'-jeet to th® terns m& conditions and covenants in th© said
tgmcocot for Ssiw.coatsinsd.
ftfIL 3BWE4S the ssld land and preaises tta now described
on Lots oau       tt <S>, Wta Si* Thousand Seven Hundred end
twltf let! ' Pfh
tMttttttn if valuable consider        lag the tun of tW
Dollar C';l#§6§i i       I doth ttVwty g>mts assign enr" set
over unto th© Assignee, the sale! Agyvantnt for Sale together with
all moneys dun, owing or payable thcrtundcr, sad all the right,
titlo ti    vntt Ml I In and thereunder*.
AM; THIS INDSITISBE T- MStOT    for the con
sideration ©foresaid the Aesisnc-r by these presents doth grant,
bargain, ©©11, l      asfar sad tot ©v«r unto th© Assignee fortwad c2o/3,sy. Vay
all end singular th© lands and premises situate, lying and being
in th© said Osoyoos Division of Ysle District, end more particularly
known and described ©s Lots 1 and 2, Plan &7M-7, to have and to hold
ths said lands and preaises unto and to th® us© of th© assign©©
for©v©r, subject to th© terms, covenants &tv&  conditions contained
in the said Agreement for Sale relating thereto*
'TIIIS INDENTURE shall be binding upon and ©nurs to the?
benefit of the Parties hereto and their personsl representatives,
successors and assigns*
IN WITNESS I   W th© Assignor has caused its Corporate
Seal to be duly affixed to this Agreement*
"he Corporate Seal of
The Rainbcw Ranche Limited
we© hereunto affixed In
the presence oft


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