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Agreement between The Rainbow Ranche Limited and James Goldie, June 30, 1954 Rainbow Ranche Jun 30, 1954

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  £o/3,S7.y.6 7
SHIS mmWSEM   isade the 30th day of June, 1951*.
fflfe MI&Q'   rSiffHE fcUJUfo « crappy
duly incorporate   under the laws of
the Province of .-ritlah Columbia and
having its chief place of business at
Okanagan Centre in the said Province
and &6Y in voluntary liquidation,
(hereinafter called the "assignor"),
of tbe nam part,
ifiia.^H^t, rancher, of Okanagan Centre
sinafler celled the "Assignee")
of the IttEK PABT,
by Agreements for Sale respectively,
(a) dated the 3rd day of June, 19**9 end nade between
the Assignor and Walter Sukeroff, fartaer, of R*JU Ml
Kelowna in the said Province, the Assignor agreed to
sell ancr convey unto the said Walter Sukeroff, who
therein agreed to purchase from the assignor, land
ana prealae® situate in the Osoyoos Division of Yale
District in the said Province ano nore particularly
known and described as Lot ll^ht (8), Plan Four Thousand
Two Hundred and Thirteen 0*213), for the considers tier,
and subject to the terns, ce:-   MM and convenanta
in the said Agreement for Sale contained!
(b) dated th© 12th day of Movember^B, and taade between
the Assignor and Leo Hermine St. Pierre, painter, and
Laona St. Pi«m ( hemewifa, both of Okanagan Centre
aforesaid, as joint tenants, the Assignor agreed to sell
and convey unto the said Leo Heroine St. Pierre and Leona
St, Pierre, who therein agreed to purchase fror the
Assignor, land and premises situate ir: the    of Division
Yale District in the said Provinee and aora particular
known and described as Lot thirteen (13), Map **213, for the
consideration and subject to the terns, conditions and
covenants in the said igreeisent for Sale contained, Jo /3, S7. V. oy
which said Agreement was subsequently by Aasigntsent
dated the 19th day of Novea&er, 19**9» assigned to
Louis Laurent Van 3oeehoudt mi  Susanne Marie Antoinette
Belaert Van Roecfaoudt, i   int tenants*
nm mm$&m THIS agri.. ■ r;   mmmi  that in considers*
Heft of valuable consideration inelu-:.!^ the sum of 0„e Dollar
($1*00) the Assignor doth hereby crsnt, assign and set over unto
the Assignee, tie said Agreements tt -     .le together with all moneys
due, owing or payable thereunder, and all the right, title «nd
interest of it the assignor thereunder gat therein*
At© THIS AQB:   ' that for the con
sideration aforesaid the Alienor by       iitttl doth grant,
bargain, sell, assign, transfer &r4 set over unto the Assignee
forever, all and singular those certain parcels or tracts of land
and premises aitnete, lying and being I    n  ai Osoycos division
Tale district em more particularly respectively known and described
as followsi
(a) Lot 8, Map l*2L3!
<b) Lot 1^, Map W213!
to have and to hold the s aid lands and premises unto and fco the
use of the Assignee forever, subject to the terns, covenants and
conditions contained in the respective said Agreements for Gale
relating thereto.
IS AQRMOtT shall be binding upon and enure to the
benefit of the parties hereto and their personal representatives,
M  .   and assigns*
■GP the Assignor has ocuscu ltg Corporate
to be duly affixed to ti is Agreement.
The Corperi.t* Seal of
The Balnbow Ranehe Limited
the presence oft


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