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Receipt from CPR for Shipment of Potato Digger to [Frank] Hewer, June 26, 1908 CPR Agent Jun 26, 1906

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W      424
This Company will not be responsible for any goods mis-sent, unless they are
properly addressed and consigned to a Station on its Railway. Rates, Weights,
Quantities and description of goods entered on Receipts of Shipping Bills are
not binding on the Company, and will not be acknowledged. Ail caoods going
to or coming from any p^ce out of Canada will be subject to Customs*
Charges, etc?-
Vernon, B.C.,-
Received from   VV.   FR.   IVfEIOAW
ndermentioned property in apparent g«*od order, addressed to
f \
aid Cv
_  company   u _	
subject to the terms and conditions of the current tariff and classification and to those stated above arid to those
upon the other side of this Shipping Bill, which is delivered by the Company and accepted by the Consignor or
his Agent as the basis upon which this receipt is to be given for said property, and it is agreed to.4>y the Consignor as a special contract in respect thereof. .
No. of Packages and Species of Goods
Quantity or
Weight, lbs.
Stated to be
©r Advance
Attention   is called to the  special  contract  above  mentioned   and   printed   on
the other side of this shipping bill
..Agt. C. P. R. wner s nsK ana e^youse; ana 11 tne companyx&jvfaaie^o store or warehouse goods received bv it then it may;prace such goods m
i that may be avail; ^nnd^toensecptbe oVrjerjal the Pjjpjgo^ty so stored, and all chargesyfor storing, warehousing, and
npany's obligation to carry and deliver "k -i.Erk.kfir.nrl any .other goods carried by the carload shall be fulfilled and
I. It m AcmKBDTHAT the CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY COMPANY, hereinafter called "the Company," s*
«%oi to be responsible in respect of any goods carried or intended  o be carried on its railway unless they are receipted for
by a duly authorized agent oi the <«. ompany.
_ Or for or iu respect of the loss of, or damage to, Money in Cash cr Bins, Promissory Notes, Bills of Exchange, or Securities, Jewelry,
Trinkets, Rings, Precious Stenes, Gold, or Silver, manufactured or un manufactured, ia any form whatsoever; or Plated Articles of any description?
Clocks, Watches, Time-Pieces, Marble in any form or state; Statuary, Lace, Furs, Silk, in a manufactured or unmanufactured state, Aether
wro-ight up or\'ot wrought up, with toy oth -^materials; Writing of all kinds, Title Deeds, Prints, Paintings, Maps"; Engravings Pictures, or other
^*iua_ies; 01 ai \ "._mag0jto Marble, i*o__«ry7tetoneware, t;hina, Glass, Wearing Apparel Musical Instruments, Furniture, Toys, Caatiags of any
_ia_\ '■ • i-_.s, Sotves, S>rtft"e rWuisureltor any hazardous or brittle article, in package or otherwise, or Fresh Fish, Fresh J-feafc, Dressed
Hogs P.ij.i Pftltry .,■• an) oi*er p^ i - i il>% a'r^les\or aay Engine, Boiler, Cylinder, or Machinerv of any kind: and if any property of the klliiitaen.
lioned m thtSoi • ••     v-     .  „ ,-..       >_, .tadvei|uroly at the risk of the owner, without liability direct or indirect on the part of the company _tt
regard to it.
S Th*.* company is not to be liable for damages occasioned by delays caused by storms, accidents, overpressure of freight, or onavoidaJ>'_
*?au»««, or by t!      <   o ner <>T   /et, tire, heat, frost, or delay of perishable articles, or from civil commotion.
i Ol for loss of or llmage to any package, or its contents insufficiently or improperly packed, marked, or directed, or containing articles liable
*» ftr«*fc_ge, or for loss of oiulama.e to any casO\of Boots or Shoes, or any case containing articles liable to peculation or fraudulent abstraction,
urueaa such case or package is 'trapped with irdn or wood, or otherwise securely protected; or leakage of any kind, or loss of liquidsWrising from
fcuy cause whatever. Oil, orVolasse*, or Liquids iu demijohns, if carried, will be entirely at the\isCpf the ywners or partfe\by whom o*.to whom
tnai are consigned without any liability whatever on the part of the company in respect thereof. \    \nw_v ^\"**<^_*     '
5. The company is not to be liable for loss of or damage done t%goods put yito return wrappers.or boxes, or paokages ^described aiempti'Mt or
Tm any goods left until called for or to ord-r, and warehoused for thej&envei: to whom'tljrfy, belong, or by orto whom ttiey.ifre consigned; and in ail case? where herein not otherwise provide<Lthe deliveVy-bf the goods shall be considered^'mplete, and tne responsibilities of the
company shall terminate when the goods are placed in th^cotepany's sheds or warehouse (if there be convenience for rece'livlng,. the same) at, the
final destination, or when the £|pods shall have arrived a&theMdace to be reached on the saidjcompany's railway. Th igofall goods
will be at the owner's risk and espouse; and if the compauyH§J^ah.!_tio store or warehouse goods received bv it then! mav place such goods in
any warehouse that rr—
ootuveyance shall I
6. The comn
the company's r^sponsibilitygii respect thereof shall cease upon the car iu which thi^are'b'ar.ried being detached from the train at the station on
she company's lines to which'S^is consigned, or at the station where, in the usual coi'irsV<jf business, it leaves the company's lines.   The expres«
sioa "the company's i^^V in anTJrjiocument means one or raoraof the lines q£ raUway'-ojjjeratedby the coinpauy, and the expression "other lines"
7. theconipnnv j j ; r*-.po s'ble for a»iy _>»h "0"»cv in w« *k < rtn^a°iw^^fi^raln.op'Other faim or garden product or feed in packages
or in bulk, or fr* injury thereto by heating or for iosaor deficiency in ihe Weight, number or measure of lumber, Coal or iron of any kind, carried
by the carload^pr for shrinkage of any kind of sugar cr short weight of tho same, unless the damage to the package be shown to have happened
whilst in the possession of the company.
8. Every senomr of any dangero-is article will be held accountable for any damage arising therefrom, unless the package containing such
arr^'6 be described as dangerous upon th_ _ail package and upon the shipping" bill, and in no case will tho company be liable for the loss of or
d._iU'V,'o to any such article.
9. All goods, from whomsoever reoeived, and to whomsoever belonging, shall be subject to a general lien, for the carriage of and for all charges
a?*f>.h>t ih:"i<i particular goods, and also lor any general balance that may be due by the owners of such goods  to the said company.    And, if in six
ntl ?r I- tico shall have been given that such goods are detained for any such claim of the company, the money due be not paid, the goods may
at I tie iiscretiou of the company, bo sold by auction or by private sale, to defray said claims, and all freight and charges, including the cost of sale
■th '!■-•■;? Km Fiyh, Fruit, Meat, Dressed Hogs, i'oultry, and all other perishable articles, may be disposed of at, the discretion of the company, im-
tuediar.ely after giving above notice, if said claim is not paid at once.
10. It is hereby expressly a reed that the company does not contract for tho safety or delivery,©, any goods, £K_£plE on tho company's lines,
and where a through rate is named to a point on other Hues it is on them understanding..that the company is to a\sf ouiy>_ aghjit of the owner of th*
goods as to that portion of the s-ii 1 rate required to meet the charges ui^&|taotheriiues, and if an.v^tpods^o consigned to a place on\other lines,
then, uniess some connecting carrier be named on theother : ■ i < ,\ . 'n the comj "■> lor conveyance to such carrier iii.'d at such place on the company's lines as the company may select; if Che be I'd named, thVcom'panv will^and ov>er
#uch goods to the one so named, if practicable, and in either case the 'company, in so handing over the ,g^<^)ds, shall he heWto be' the ag_nt of ths
owner, it being expressly aireed that the responsibility of the company in respect of any loss, misdeliverW)r detentiap of, c»" damage or injury, by
any means whatsoever, to any goodc carried under this contract, shall cease as.soon as the company Ihall l?iU)^c4©^%^them to th\next connect*
ing carrier for further conveyance, or not ify euch carrier that it is ready to do so.                        mww^^w? ■   \   \™nS • \
11. That all property contracted f<>r at a through rate,or otherwise, to or front places beyond the company's P'neWiipWd by watery shall, whila
uot on the company's din';.s, or in its Fheds or V?arehouse% be entirely at the owner's risk. Injcas^pf lo-s or damage to goods' carried under this
contract, tho company shall be given the ben asurancewhich the owue%of said •. :> a -3i all bej_4i^ro%ated iatall. the rights
thereto before any demand shall be male on  ii1                                                                                              "<%fc***S_J^i   "S4**>^^^     \ X,
12. There shall be no claim for dama^'for'los's of, Or, detention of, or injury or damage to r-.ny goods 'for wii 'ch the company Is accountable,
unless and until notice in writing, and the particulars of rairclaim of said loss, damage, or detention, are givon to the Station Freight Agent at or
nearest to the place ot delivery, within thirty-six hours after the goods, in respect of which said ciaim is made, or such portions of them as ar« not
lo-t arc delivered. \     |
■^ 13.   Storage will be charged on all goods remaining in the company's sheds or warehouses over twenty-four hours after their arriva"
14. («) In every case in which good-t are to be loaded or unloaded by the Consignor or Consignee, and it is not done promptly after oar or cars
have been placed for loading or for unloading them a car rental or car storage charge will be payable for the delay and such charge shall constitute
part of the charges agaiust the goods and bo recoverable in all respects as if it were part of the charge for carriage.
(6) In every case in which uoods ara to be unloaded by the Consignee and are not unloaded within forty-eight hours after the car has been
placed for unloading, the company or the carrier in whose possession the goods may be, may at the owner's risk and expense unload and warehouse
or deposit the same at such places as shall suit its convenience and thereupon the goods shall be subject to lien for all.charges whatsoever including
charges for shunting, if done. Goods unloaded by owner shall not be scored on the, radway premises without the station agent's permission.
Whether unloaded by owner or carrier, the goods stored on the railway premises^shall be subject to storage charees and shall be at the sole risk of
owner as to damage to them by lire, however caused, and as to every loss or damage i^jajfsoever, and shall be removed from the railway preniisea
forthwith upon notice. *■ •
15. The company shall not in any case, or under any liable for loss of market or for claims arising from delay or detention of
any train in the'eourse of its j,urn >y,lr itt any of tho stations on the way, or in starting and the company doe%iu*C undertake to load or send goods
jpon, or by any particular train, if there be an insufficient number of cars at any station or if the cars cannot $e'cc_venieutiv u-ei for the purpose,
nr if, fromany cause, cars loaded at a station are unable to be sent on by the trains passing, or starting from such *statjrm and any loss or damage
for which he comnnnv may be responsible shall be computed upon the value or cost of the goods or property at the-piace and time of shipment
under this shipping bill.
1G. Live stock must be fed by the owner, or at his expense, while in transit, and is taken entirely at his risk of Iohs, injury, damage and all
oth<»r contingencies wh-ther in loading, unloading, conveyance or otherwise, and uuder the conditions contained above. All live stock is to be
carried upon the following further special conditions;—
I.   The owner of any animal undertakes all risks oXlos&. injury. dam*«?e, and other contingencies in loading, unloading, transportation, o^>»>«
vovance, or otherwise/hovvsoevpr, no matter how £X_tsedZ —
II. The Railway Company DOK8V*fT. undhrtakk to Fonw__L> _uy u, k... _nirnals by any particular train, or at any special hour; neither «Hi_i*
vv bb responsible for the delivery of animals within any certain time, or for any particular market.
II. When fkek Transportation is given to any person in charge of any animal, it is on the express condition that the railway compa»y 5a
not KK3PON-UBI.K for any negligence, default, or misconduct of any kind, on the part' of the company or its servants or of any o:ther
r.erson or persons whomsoever causing or tending to cause the death, injury, or detention of any person or persons so traveling Frkb,
and whether such person or persons be so carried free on any regular Passenger Train, or any other train whatsoever, the person so
traveling free takes all risks of ever kind, no matter how caused.
17. The charges of all kinds on all goods carried, must be paid before the goods will be delivered, and the company Is not to be accountable for
tha correctness of any amounts charged as "back or advance charges" on Freight, etc., by other roads, companies, or individuals.
18. It is hereby agreed and understood that the company, in the transportation and handling or _riin 01 any kind, at all places of transshipment, and at ail places or points to which the grain is consigned, where the company has elevators or warehouses, the grain, at the discretion
of the company's agent, may be deposited in the same bin or compartment with other grain of the same grade in the elevator or warehouse, in
which event, the person entitled to claim the grain shipped shall become entitled to claim only grain of the same kind and grade, but if the gradiS
of the grain be deteriorated from causes for which the company is not responsible, the consignee must accept the grain as it is.
19. Traffic via the Company's lake lines is subject to Average as per York-Antwerp rules or American Lake Adjust*
ment, at option of tbe Company.
20. All the provisions of this contract shall apply to every carrier to whom goods may be delivered for carnage usdes
it, as fully as to the Company.
W. R. MaclNNES,
Canadian Pacific Railway Office,
Montreal, January, 3$@§*
Freight Traffic Manager,


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