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Letter from George Goldie to James Goldie. November 30, 1908 Goldie, George Nov 30, 1908

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 James, Goldie, Bs^**,
Pentloton, B.C.,
Dear Jira:-
Since writing you on the Soth, I have yours of the
23rd acknowledging mine of the loth with dividend cheque and
I presume you will return the $£00 cheque I sent you in the
last letter,
I have just received a reply from Jack Oaven which
reads as follows:
"Your Mother is just generallybused up and knocked
out.  Last week, I fancy she had some Grippe but did not send
for me till all was over except the collApse at the end.  The
trouble with her is that she goes the pace till a brea&down
comes, then repents deeply and promises to live like a     tian,
which promise she promptly forge-    en feeling well again..  I
am sending Barney to take her out for a drvie in the motor as
often as possible.  She seems to enjoy it greatly.  Of course
I am afraid of he? putting too much on a weak heart, but if she
would be guided^see no reason why she should not be here for
a long time yet. *
There is some prospect of Mother selling her house
in Toronto this month.  If BO, iisther is going $0 spend the
winter with Bud. in Halt, Tib with Ann in New York and Mother
will either stav with 7111 or come to Ayr.  1 am going $0 t*y
to field so I will be able to keep her
.yuiet enough* JF • * A "*
We have just made up our comparisons of shipments of
the first four months of this business year with last year and
results are yby^  gratifying.  fe have increased the first four
mon'hs over the four months of last year, lp,000 barrels to the
rovinces, 14,000 for export, making a total increase of 2S.000,
this against a total decrease for last year of 14*500.  If we can
keep Goi:n£ ftnytl    like a proportionate increase, we will have
done very well indeed.  In view of these fj     for the province
trade, it is no wonder that     of our firends
watching us pretty closely*  A letter just received from Mr*
Prichard says that he met Fred Graham of Delong, Seaman and he .
that his flna were rather put out over the arrangement we have i
with Hart and that Bonnet is now in fisadbt Ontario trying to
arrangements with some rail! whereby t1        -.:• on an even
footirg with Hart*  Certainly Dehong & 36      re no reason to
expect any particular favors fro      There is no mill in the
business that has treated th     well ps we have and yet our
account with them foxing the past two or three years would not
warrant our entonding to them any favors*
I do not remember whether I told you that Douglas
has bought the Fergus Anderson farm and takes possession about the
first of the year and it looks at present as if Jack will put Horn
"las1 s position.
re quite a aus&er of orders still on
ler slow bus * m  for at 3 &Sr-$%li  & Mi$b$*t* MM*
0 . A •
buyers would
arrantod in :'.
vVe are altogot
tt of line fo
„^ _ 1  T«.-___p v*^    t —^ T
GrEOR&C WliUAH HNftBEftr ^BK6$ MJ<? J=S77H=-R        K^VftR&*
A. 15 ffrUKKeR,


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