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Letter from G[eorge] Goldie to James Goldie, December 12, 1908 Goldie, George Dec 12, 1908

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 &gv - $*li St m$ii$*t* MM*
l§ll? <$*l*i* J$iilw$ tyvmptmQ, *imiui>
&St,®ni*ti0.      i„8. 12th, 199B.
James Goldie, Esq.,
Pentieton, B. C.
Dear Jim:
I am in receipt of yours of the 4th inst*,
returning cheque for $200.00.
When in the Bank one day this week, Mr. Lay was making
inquiries of me regarding your financial standing and moral
character on account of the Pentieton Branck of his Bank.
Evidently you contemplate some venture, but you do not say
anything about it.
Eeg&rding the Midway Micola branch, you will have my
report from G. V*  I am now writing Mr* Meighen to see if
he cannot get some definite information from Sir Thomas.
If I get any satisfaction from him I will wire you at once.
If I wire you "Expect to start next fall"or"next Spring" as
the case may be, you will understand what it means*
We are interested in what you say about the busime
being done by the Lake of the Woods. Ho doubt they have been
running very strong in the past, but G* V* says they are
shutting down two mills--I presume Portage and the old mill
at Zeewatin.  I sold my stock out some time ago.
have had .piite a sharp break in Chicago of 6 cents
a bushel from the high point. 7/innipeg has also dropped
three cents. While it do-.:s not affect our present values
of flour, still it is causing flour men  to hold off. Agr-#*U St 2H$k$*it MM*
Jas. G* (2).
Some time ago I wrote you regarding DeLong Seaman, that
Graham had told Prichard that they were rather put out about
our making the arrangement with Hart. From developments
since then we learn that they are not put out about our making the arrangement with Hart, but are rather sorry that we
did not make the arrangement with them. Last week we had a
letter from Boston, saying that Mr* Bennett expected to be in
Toronto on a certain day* and suggesting that one of us go
down to see him. I went down and met Mr. Bennett at the
King Edward at noon, and found that he had only arrived in
Toronto that -morning,   evidently coming direct from Boston,
and he had not as yet had time to interview any millers in
Ontario looking to such an arrangement with them as we have
with Hart. I did n&t wait for Mr. Bennett to raise any
objection to the course we had taken, but immediately explained to him what we had done, and told him plainly that
we were very much disappointed in the way he had treated us,
having purchased on an average only one car a month in the
last three years* Instead of criticising us Yery  severely,
he bought a thousand barrels of STAR and was Yexy  pleasant
indeed.  Since then we have booked him a second thousand
barrels and two carloads of feed. The same afternoon that
I was in Toronto Jim Taylor from Chatham was there to see
Bennett, and he could not possibly have entered into any
arrangement with him, for he bought the second tl    tl Al»* %*\i St 3li0*$*i* MM*
Jas. G. (5) ^ ^
barrels after he went home. He did not see Taylor for more
than an hour in private that afternoon; the balance of the
time I was with thera*
Mother sent me your letter of lov* 30th* You will
have Pat's letter by this time, and presume that you will
be communicating with him immediately*
The last I heard of our friend Willis at this end
he was in Will's care, convalescing from a rather strenuous
trip to Montreal. I do not think that he will do.
Lydia and I were up to the Fat Stock Show In Guelph
Thursday and Friday, and on tie way up I met Mr. Wall of
Spalding's and he wished to be remembered to you*
Yours truly, /p / 9.  /,/


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