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Letter from G[eorge] Goldie to Jas. [James] Goldie, November 26, 1908 Goldie, George Nov 26, 1908

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 &%r-$nli & 3ii0*r$*t* MM*
%h* CfjwlM* ^Eiliw^ tytmfmQ. ******
AgX, ®nt*tt*>. Ii0T- :':6t!l' 1'00-
■•it let on,   Gren oral Delivery,
Dear *Jim;~
I am in receipt of yours of t" th and am sending
wie herewith fox    i ^. I mailed to you a
«r enclosing your dividend chewue at the rate of 4$ to the
General Delivery, Vernon, but In ave not received it, I
id the cheque herewith*  Should you not wish to use one of th
,on e an return it here to be placed to your credit* ,
If have been very busy up to the present time and still
have some 10,000 barrels to ship*  He have had a very good trade in
the provinces this fall, much better than for some years and
everything is going along Yery  satisfactorily• Both Gait and Ayr are
running Yery  stl -;atends now used up practically all of
their wheat.  The market holds very firm but it is a considerable
surprise to us considering the enormous deliveries both in the U.S.
and Canada.  Winnipeg has been fating ft    0 to &O0 9 but
it seems to be goin^ out of sighw si    re*  The stock in Fort
William is smaller than It was last year at this time but the visible
;ly in .    la la larger than it was, being now some 52,000,000.  C
course ±f for the next two or th    onthe do     almost
upon trie Argentine crop*  This we understand has been I
to a co    table extent and from the estimate received should show
about a 40,000,000 decrease for export.  At (Joderich we have about
(:0,000 Tax.   of cash wheat which will cost us in the neighborhood of
on track for the #1 northern and 51.01 for „£, while prices to-d &gr$*lt St M$it$*U MM*
AgX, ©ntsm»».
1    pi *•>_
are about Zr^'l  higher*
I was in Toronto yesterday and from the last word
received from Crosby, he will be in Toronto about Xmas time* He had
some scheme on with another party to buy up a timber limit and if this
did not go through, he might possibly go In to contracting with another
Chap on the G*T.P.  You had better write him about this as there might be
something in this for you*  I intend to write to Gr.V.Hastings regarding
the C.P.h. running from Midway to ilieola through Pentieton.      ould be
e to get this information from Lir* .";hite if anyone can and as soon as I
hear from him.will let you know*
I enclose herewith receipt from Walker which is the only o
I have received as yet.  I will look after your Eraveler's Certificate
when the papers come in.
Joe Prichard should be in Yery  good spirits as he has been
doing a good business and everything Is going smoothly*  The Hart deal
has also been satisfactory to date although we have had some little
trouble in keeping Peter Sruchy within the bounds* A letter received from
Prichard to-day says that Taylor and UcLeod's travelers are going after
STAR wherever they can find it. T7e find that several of the mills are
looking after us very closely and I should not be at all surprised to find
m making It rather interesting for us. Tolday we should be at the head
of the list for blended flour rales in th€ orovince.
All are well at home with the exception of Mother, who has
en laid up for the past week with a bad cold*  I think she contracted
Rugby Football games In Toronto*  Just as I was leaving
house last night, Jack Caven earn* i &gt$M St Jii^itt* MM*
Ifyb? (fyAUt eJfl&ttmg (§<wtjttW£, *ma
*J •  t *
T".      nothing of particular interest in the
hood.  The Ayr rural telephc
holes and setting posts and I hope to I    | or
in use before    new year. This number,should increase to
75 or 100 by next mid summer.
Yours truly,   ,
W-        .      < -


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