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Application Renewal form from Alf Robinson to James Goldie, March 22, 1910 Robinson, Alf Mar 22, 1910

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Certificate No.	
ALF'D     ROBINSON,    Geo R ET A. R Y,    R.    O.     BOX    SSI,     LONDON,    O N T.
Of-fioe,   Room   103    Masonic Temple,   London,   Ont.
Commercial Travellers' Association
In order to  comply with the   requirements of the  Railway Companies
and  otherwise,   all Members,   upon   renewing  their   membership,   must   fill
up the following form before Certificate can be issued. W
Wame-.^.J^  Age next  Birthday.3-3--
Firm  Represented G^£J^£^ fc
AjW of Business £^M^.A<^^        ^
(State explicitly) ^
Toitfn or City of (JAyrLa^r*****^^ g
Do you Solicit Orders from Dealers)      ^J^yCrA^^^
and Manufacturers Only? J       ^^
Did you ever Solicit Orders \                       y*Z*2Al'•... ^
from Consumers?         I ^
About how many days in a year do\             J^.Q^lI'.^P. £?
you travel Soliciting Orders ?      J p^
A bout how many pounds of Baggage\                f ^T 0 ""3
do you carry ?                     j '             £3
Benefit in case of Death] fe*^.c£^?^ 2
payable to             j
Whose relationship to me is that of- AtyAt^&kXAtAiL^ U4
No. of Certificate last year.
JLkklk %
In Consideration of the Privileges granted by the different Railway and Transportation Companies to me,   ^
as a Commercial Traveller, I agree to the following conditions; £J
1. That the Certificate is non-transferable, and if transferred, or if used for other purposes, than that ^^
for which it is intended, it will be forfeited and may be cancelled by the Secretary of the Commercial j^
Travellers' Association named on the Certificate, or may be taken up by any Agent, Conductor, or other j^j
authorized representative of any of the Railway or Transportation Companies; and that if I cease to be y
employed as a Commercial Traveller within the meaning of the rules and regulations of the Commercial
Travellers' Association named on the Certificate, the railway and transportation privileges granted to me ^j»
as such shall thereby be forfeited and the Certificate shall at once be returned to the Secretary of the said ?-.
Commercial Travellers' Association. £*
2. That none of the Railway or Transportation Companies shall be liable for loss of, or damage or ^
delay to, any merchandise, or goods, or articles, or samples thereof, or personal baggage, carried by any «_i
of them as baggage for me as a Commercial Traveller, whether the same is charged for as excess baggage &*
or carried as free allowance.
3. That the Railway Companies are not bound to provide accommodation and carry upon their trains te£?
for the carriage of passengers, more than three hundred (300) pounds of baggage for any one Commercial
Traveller, or may decline to carry Commercial Travellers' baggage on certain trains.
4. That the signatures appended to Baggage Owner's Release set forth below are the signatures of all £~?
persons who own or have any interest in the personal effects and sample merchandise, &c, carried by me *"*"*
as baggage, and that I will carry no samples or baggage, the property of any other person or persons.
5. That the Certificate will not be honored unless it is signed by the Commercial Traveller and the j£j
owners of the baggage, samples, etc. jj*
6. That whenever requested by the Commercial Travellers' Association named on the Certificate or any r,
of the Railway or Transportation Companies and authorized Agents, Conductors or Baggagemen, I will produce the Certificate with the signature of owners of baggage, for their inspection or use. fr—«
7. It is understood that the term of Railway and Transportation Companies used herein, means and Jg^
includes all those Railway and Transportation Companies respectively who grant privileges to me as a Com- Ji4
mercial Traveller. ^ /~j     *       , CO
Signature of Applicant     y^tAT^^i^^.. g<
Date CK^y.:AA,.Alll	
Post Office Address\
Collection Charges must be Aaded to all Cheques or Drafts not Payable in London


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