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Letter from J. E. [John Edgar] McAllister to Mr. [James] Goldie, November 27, 1916 McAllister, John Edgar Nov 27, 1916

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804 Traders Bai-flc Bldg,
November 27th,  1916*
Jas. GoIdle Esq,
Okanagan Centra, B.C.
Dear Mr. Goldie:
I have received from Lambert what I presume he intends
to be his closing statement, out of which I can make nothing*
I am enclosing herewith a copy of it, and am going to ask you if yew.
will kindly go into it with him and make out a statement which will give
me the correct situation, so that I can get 1% cleaned up.
I am advised by the Bank^ar Commerce that an amount of
$264.78 was deposited, and not $264.76 as his statement    shows.        I also
note that the amount paid B.  Lacny was $29.54 instead of $24*10 as given
me in Vernon. Ipi****'*1!?'* & *>'*+$
I have also received copies of the agreement with W. M.
Laidman from Messrs Heggie & DeBeck, with the inventory as turned over
by Lambert, attached* This inventory appears to be short the follow-
2 Hay forks,
1 Wagon Jack, f[.
1 Saw Cl#mpf  %.
5 Picking Boxes,
4 Horse brushes,
20 Chickens, *.
1 Cow, >?.
All hay inventory,
f    All grain inventory,
1 Set Springs,       /f.
Single trees and ends,
1 Harness mending vise,tf,
1 Set single harness,
1 Tent,
1 Canvas    cover, a
Please find out from Lambert and let me know what disposition was made of
these items, also of additional equipment purchased during the year.
In the memorandum made while I was in Vernon with you and
Lambert, he gave the following items which do not appear in his  statement  :
180 sacks Oats $225.00,    24 sacks barley $25.00,    2500 lbs peas $125.00,
One cow $125.00. Hoots in root cellar and in ground, no value given.
The only item I can find in his statement as against the above,  is the
amount of grain $50.25.
As I remember it, the oats were to be shipped to Rainbow as
a credit against the amount owing Rainbow by Bellevue. The peas and barley
were to be shipped to the Onion to offset itd account .
I have noldoubt that you can straighten the matter out by spending a few minutes with Lambert and send me a statement which will be complete,
including bills payable and bills receivable,  so that I can get matters
closed up, and if you will do  so it would oblige me greatly.
Yours very truly,


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