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Letter from Unknown to "Sirs", December 31, 1932 [unknown] 1932

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 pecember 31st 193 fc*
Dear Sirs :-
All  the important entries pertaining to  the Packing
operations were posted in our books and a Trial  Balance struck on
the 10th of Dec.
This  Balance shows our Liabilities as  follows;
Sash and  supplies advanced by Vernon fruit Wnion 8915.97
Box shoov  purchased  from Armstrong Mills  (   not  paid) 5585.40
Balance or Accounts  Payable and I eceivable including
Over    raft   In  .Sank of I 13.^1
Demand loan from Can.
Liabilities as at   'ec.   10th  to be met by crop returns
?e  packed aiq shipped  20fG53 boxes
is Shipped anl held      £3,OSS boxes loose
These at 80^ ^or packs ani 20./ for loose would amount to
so  that if we receive these prices  we would be down
1  36ES9.83
fa have  just had a further payment  ^rom the Union on account of :^ruit
*;5?S£.Q1  this will  go  to reduce Mnk Loan and accounts payable.
There is still no  improvement  in the market .either in the local
or export aarttat and the guess of eighty and twenty cents begins  to
look high. A lot  o^ apples are  still held  in storage so  that  if
there  is an improvement   it  would have an effect on pool prices.
Until  we get a  few more   rigura*  we cannot close the packing
acfount but it is boun-  to be less  than in 1031.
At  the end o^ Tlovember the orchard costs were higher by ^1400.
than in 1931.    This is accounted   "or by %600. more water and additional
spray and ^ertlliEer.
Labor costs amount tp,  at the and  of RaV. ^13,026.57
as against lov. 1931 11,526.93
and lev.  1930 17,691.
The rate has been less  this year but we have handled a. much bigger
crop ani also packed more boxes. le have endeavoured  to cut this
item to  the bone.       However there was additional spraying necessary,
fertiliser was applied  to all orchards, and all but the Jonathan block
was seeded down to sweet clover cover crop.    These operations ran up
the labor bill,   but if the cover crop comes  through well it should
reduce the coming years costs.
Interest charges amount  to  f747,33 as at Wov.  3oth.
1931 .. 862.24 ..     ..     ..
1930 .. 340.63 ..     ..     ..-
r o
«   31st.   103£.
3nclose'  vou '//ill   ftafl a  statement of the yi
crop.       la are one o^  the   few that did not excae
from 25  to  50$. rlf in  the season as  laaidad
to  grow f»at   af mrieties  snail  enough fo^ e---
manage 1  to do   *airly well but  ovordi
■I© estimate!   thai -if   tan  |M       I   I
on account of being too  small,
by riot  thinning harder.
packed about 22,000 imr* shipped
iva aiiiaa a^xp^rted saaie o
"or  the  193L
we she trv
It a bit  .vith the Jonathan,
of the Jonatha rs culled
I Lao   lost  BO'
Out of the
export f  and   ,ve
'* ou^ homes  and
BOSBIt of colour
.00  boxes   which  we
rst.and  that  the
even Salome.
I ■ rd  we  call   the   JBAnmr  1
orchard  ?est  o** the Jonathan block and North of thi
evtending over  to  the tfewtown.   gave a  very poor crop,
b lo c k   as i e ha d 1 y   ' ■ i upl e of  ye a r S  o f  w
fs are now planning an removerr~ the ffagner an'
else. these traaa ara out sa hape that by
and suh*tolling   tl -il   will   in  the   future  stand   th
better shape. also  intend  to  remove all   II
an4   to  thin out  the   Yea 1 thy. The Spits,  are  badly i
and  firs   blJ      ■   they are also  ga* ting  to  be  so  laff
hald&dg tos s sothei   aeighboring trees, i an
removals  ail I  out- yield very little next   year,
and   |isi|  shoul'.1   be  improved.
, that is the
.trd read -and
fha traaa in tl
vfcs J      is*.  O I  v .-.      * r .
:..   - thing
OVI r   2 T-*'
darf seasons   In
fji tssaiP
!   with canker
aft0?*  that
Two  sections pra<§nae ry heavy crops were   *
17 iicrs and Hillside,   in which  %h . seated.
The  Maes  in the ISarth   "^-ohr-rd  were light. Salome   w$T4 also light.
The   /fealthy   ;<era *lm light,  and had  littl i r\   These  tffMt are ©uoh
la are doing as  littl
we skimpe !  this   job last
to  be  fairlf well  worka 1
e pruning as possible this   Winter,  but as
Year therre ?tre some sections  thnt  will have
in order to keep than open enough  .
is traes we a^e pulling out will be done on contract
The rate o^  sages we are pmyin^  is 15 and 20 cants an hour.
I*  things lent pic* up they will have to h* lea* than this next Summer,
fe will afoauraa have to irrigate properly, hut the rest of the work
will be out  to  the limit.     Looking back over tie yenr  it Irould
seem that we have not mffaredup to date with anything that has been
i#ft undone.    ? save carrying over an&tha     of shook ta did not
have enough boxes to "Inish the ricking on time.  The ;agner end Salome
were laft on the trees too long an"" the shrinkage on than is likely
to be heavier than usual.   Little was lost by wind or dropping an"
frost did no ^amaga.      Out si la af same nai traea there is no
capital expenditure foreseen at this time.


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