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Letter from J. E. [John Edgar] McAllister to Mr. [James] Goldie, March 2, 1915 McAllister, John Edgar Mar 2, 1915

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March  2nd,   1915,
Jas.  Goldie Esq,
Okanagan Centre,  B.C.
Dear Mr.  Goldie:
Your letters of February 23rd and 24th received to-day,
both enclosing letters from L. L. Palmer, and have telegraphed you by
night letter, as per enclosed confirmation.
First, I want to thank you for what you have done in
scheming to get the place taken care of.     Briefly, the situation
with me is that any money I put into it can only be raised at a sacrifice,
if at all, and from Palmer's letters I should judge that while he no doubt
is a technical expert, the produce he would raise would be very costly.
In any event, he would be too much of a luxury for me now.    For my
part I cannot see why a live man could not take the place, fully equipped
as it is, and make it pay — if not, why is there any value to the land?
From your description Lambert may be the man that can do so.     Anyway
I am willing to give it a try.
It seems to me that he should have some incentive to make
the ground earn on which the taxes are so heavy, and I therefore suggest
that he participate to the extent of 20^ of the yearfs receipts after
deducting his own wages, other wages, taxes, and water charges.
He should render to me, for approval, before each month,
an estimate of expenditure for the following month, and at the clos* of
each month send me a statement of the expenditures and receipts for the
past month. All receipts "should be deposited to the credit of Bellevue
Ranch in the Canadian Bank of Commerce, Vernon, and I will make all payments by check on this bank account from here, advising him of all payments made.
He is to board himself and the other help he engages, and
have the use of all buildings, stock, and equipment of the place, but the
same is to be maintained and I am not to be called upon to renew anything
apart from ordinary wear and tear.  For instance — this means that I am
not to buy another cow, as happened in the case of Baily, and he is to keep
up the stock of chickens, etc, himself.
I gather that he is adept at raising stock,and if he can do
anything in the line of hogs and so forth, he would share in the proceeds
of the same.   He may also be able to figure out an earning power from a
lot of the land on the place which has been lying dead all these years.
I presume you can close off the accounts as of the end of the year, and
turn the thing over to him, giving him such instructions for the rendering
of the simple statements that he is to send me.    If you complete this
arrangement, talk over the thing with him fully, getting his ideas as to
how he can make the place worth its salt, and then have him write me a plan
of campaign.  He had better do this before he leaves you,and submit it to
*you for your suggestions.  I wish I could be there to go into it with ycu,
but that^is^imjDossible^nd I  hope on receipt of  my telegram you will be able
tff ratffce arl arrangement'whicH will work out satisfactorily.  Yours very trulv


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