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Letter from Okanagan Valley Land Company to "Sir" at Rainbow Ranche, August 19, 1909 Okanagan Valley Land Company Aug 19, 1909

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 James J. Warrkic. pre*
F. H, Starr, manager,
Okanagan Centre,        19th Augufct09
B.   C.
The Rainbow Ranche Limited
Okanagan Centre
Dear Sir,
Referring to your letter of 30th April, and to the
consultation of the writer with your Mr Hewer and Mr Dormer we
bag to say that on the estimates furnished by our engineer, Mr
Grove a,    aur irrigation Company will be able to supply you with
water for 306, acres in all. or possibly 350: acres    depending upon
the area of irrigible and eultivatible land in our north end
property of which we will have a more  careful estimate in the near
future if you require more than 300 acres irrigated.
As Mr Rowell explained to Mr Hewer and Mr Dormer the
whole question of irrigating your Company!s lands by our Company
should be disposed of at the same time*      You have an agreement with.
Maddock Bros Limited to irrigate 300 aores*$his agreement was made
subsequent to our mortgage and also to Mr Adamsonfs mortgage upon
the irrigation system and lands of Maddock Bros and when we took
from them a release of their equity in the property we expressly
preserved our mortgage and out rights under it    and also expressly
stipulated that we should only assume  certain specified obligations of the Maddock Company and these did not include any
obligations under irrigation agreements*      You therefore have an
agreement with a defunct Company which does not Mnd us in any way*
\K r
Jambs J. WakrkxV, jpresibhnt. >*-^ F* H> Stak»< manager,
Okanagan Centre,
B.   C.
As the writer explained we are now transferring the whole
irrigation system to a new water Compaq which has just been
incorporated under the name of The Okanagan Centre Irrigation
and Power Company Limited and this new Company is prepared to
enter into an agreement with you*  covering the whole 300macres
While  the matter has not yet  come before the Board of the Irrigation Company my impression is that while they think it is worth
a bonus of at least $60/ per acre they would give you the water
for the 300 acres without bonus.but the  form of the agreement
under which it is given would have to be modified and brought into
harmony with the new water agreement which the new irrigation
compaiy is having prepared*      The writer upon re-reading your
agreement with Maddock Bros has come to the conclusion that
further changes than those pointed out to your Mr Hewefc and
Mr Dormer would be necessary and that it would be desirable so
far as practicable  considering the different circumstances to
bring the agreement with your Company into harmony with our other
agreements.      As to the additional 100 or 150 acres as the case
may be the Company would accept a bonus of $60. per acre and
would give your company  stock in the irrigation CQapany on the
basis of flOO.  of stock for every |300. paid and-you would pay the
same water rates as the Company  charges its other customers.
As explained this suggested arrangement is dependent
upon prompt action and is not one that could be held opea for an Jambs J. Warrki*. president.
F. H, Starr, manager.
Okanagan Centre,
B.   C.
indefinite period*/s the new irrigation Company is getting all
its contracts in shape we would be glad tc  take this up with you
at your earliest convenience.
The writer will be pleased to discuss; the matter with
your Mr McAllister in Winnipeg on August 38th or 30th if he is
in Winnipeg on these dates.
Yours truly,


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