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Letter from J. E. [John Edgar] McAllister to Mr. [James] Goldie, April 16, 1915 McAllister, John Edgar Apr 16, 1915

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April 16th, 1915.
James Goldie Esq,
Okanagan Centre, 3.C.
Dear Mr. Goldie;
Yours of the 8th received, with enclosures, &M  the statements^are
certainly perfectly clear.     I only wish the forking of the Rimch itself had
been half as efficient.    The only thing I coilck suggest, ^ouldN^e a segregation of the expenditure properly chargeable to orchard, and presume ^ou can let me
have this.     In the statement of expenditurcNthere is an amount of $24. for
firewood charged to house.    I do not thi|ik this should have been allowed,
Regarding income, the statements youhave rendered complete the
fffth year of operation of the property, and Baileyjhas not been a success.
However, after my visit last Ma^ I did not expect much else.    \fhlle in some
ways he was trying to see that v^lue was obtained M the money spent,>his interest in the place had diminished, and he apparentl4 had his own side issues to
divide his attention.   This was not fair, especially -hen the place was doing
so badly.     I believe Lambert can make good if it is to be done, and will do
anything I can to help him.
That 184 boxes of apples should bring in\iess than 20g per box, is
something on which I would rather not comment, and -it is\neither creditable to
myself nor anyone else, and a poor advertisement for all Concerned, as well as
the district.
I enclose herewith copy of state&ysnt received from the Bank of Commerce, Vernon, for the month of March, 1915t showt^ balance February 27th of
$302.86 against your amount of $220.30.  You wi^tSr^^* the checks returned to
the Bank in March do not permit of reconciling with yot^^a^punt, but would like
your comments regarding this.
The amount on, sundry creditors is $19-Q95«'0^ against l^hich sundry
debtors shows $451.77*  From this latter Should be deducted |246. due by Thomas,
leaving $205.77, which with banfe^balance of $220.30, makes |426.07 to apply againit
sundry creditors of |1,095*02, the difference being a deficit of $668.95*
I am forwarding to the Bitfrk^of)Commerce at Vernon, to credit of Bellevue Ranch, $650., asking them to notify you of this remittance.  With this money,
and the amount due from sundry debtors, I would like you to clear up the following
accounts —    Coldstrj>am Municipalit^fTaxes). HL Fiahert Meg§jv, Jamgs, Cold stream
E£±£±e, JohnalaiL^^Carswell, Vernon Hardware, Bell & McKie, White Valley^Irrj^atj^on
Company, Riddell, Stead JLiiodges. Okanagan Saddlery_Co, James Goldie.    If there
are any others beyond these which yoiTthinlTmuslT be paid, settle than up and then
make a list of what are still o^standing^senc^^^ books, bank,book,
check book, and so forth, to me by express7/\Hrs?recoi!iMiing your bank balance
with the bank.     As soon as I receive this, I will can eel your authority as
Agent, and upon advice from you will send checks myself for the other accounts whan
jtou advise me they must be met.    I enclose receipt for $650., which please sign
and return.    This makes -ny  advances to Bellevue a total of $36,352.61.
The money which I am forwarding has been borrowed at a cost which
I hate to think of, but I will do anything to get this Okanagan business cleared 0
James Goldie Esq,
• 2 -
up.    From now on, unless Bellevue can stand on its own feet, it has got
to go down, as I can do no more.    In any event, I am indebted to you for
what you have done in looking after it so far.
I am writing Lambert that I expect to have everything closed
up with you on the past years business, within the next two weeks, and will
greatly appreciate anything you can do to encourage or help him.
Yours very truly,
P.S. -
You will remember that when I was at Bellevue last spring, we
arranged that a count of the trees in the orchard should be made and sent
to me.   This has never been done, and I am asking Lambert if he can furnish me with it.   We also noticed some trees in the house orchard at the
end farthest from the house, which had been uncared for, and you were going
to take this up with Bailey and have them put in shape.  Did you do this!
You were also going to try and find out for me what had become of C.A.Thoaas.
Have you been able to get any information?


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