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Letter from Jim [James] Goldie to Bob [Robert Stanhope Dormer], March 31,1932 Goldie, James Mar 31, 1932

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 ' ^aroh 31st, 195*2.
l;y dear Bob,
I received your letter of the 9th. this I will reply
to later.
This is just to follow ur the correspondence re.
Perkins 4 Adlmson.
I wrote to ani afterwards saw Chambers regarding
your remarks about our exrort business.   You will find .enclosed
a dopy of Chambers' reply and also a copy of George Barrit's
report on his trip over there*    i would like to hear what you
have to say about it.
I h*ve not had a talk with as yet but I hone to
see him sonn and will !Mka what he has to say about the trucking
idea.     No loubt the trouble would be to handle thu irregular
There seems to be trouble in selling the larger sizes
at a high enough price to make It pay,    There does seem to be
I demand for none  large apples, but the growers who seni fruit over in th<
the Presentation cars are asked by their freinds to send the smaller
Slaas.   They trade certainly denianl the small siaes. '.yhat is your
The  Auditors  report   is   just  in*   i  am trying  to   get my
statements  out  before   sanding on. to   yon*       Therr balance   sheet
Shots   that  after allowing fi   . 11404/.   Tor ftapreciation  there  is  a
loss  of  fSlSl. in making ont   the   inventory of  the   fruit  unsold
1   tryed  to make a  close  guess  on  it   but  there  is  no   tailing how it
will   turn out.        If  my  ^-ichs   should  be  correct  our  cash position
would be | 1757«   poorer than last  year.
The  costs  of producing are  considerably reduced   frovi
1a st  year•       1930 0rchnrd  cost  was  115,03 £ .
1931        • * » ©        « « ,i 9oo / m
1030 Picking Peking    117,077.
\   total   Hkfjuotlof!   of     |   3,341.
i  will  be writing  vou  in a fa* days about  fhis   with
all   the  details.
Ve are  having a  dull   wet   Spring.   The   pruning  sill   be
finished   this  week,       ^s  era  going  t >  apply   fartilixer  to most  of
the  orchard  nry  if   the moisture  conditions  continue  as   good  as   it
now looks   v*  will  seed   down all  pa^aihle   t<    sweet  clover.       The
land  needs   the  %reen  c'ror. and for this  year ..."   be .cheaper to


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