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Letter from James Goldie to J.E. [John Edgar] McAllister and R.S. [Robert Stanhope] Dormer, October 19,1932 Goldie, James Oct 19, 1932

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October 19th.   193E.
"Omar Sirs   i*
I think that it was about the middle of Juno that I last
wrote to you.   About that time I had a fire in my office which burned
up a couple of trays of correspondence and some account files. Your last
letters must have been with then.
The season has been rather an uneventful one. No water
troubles, no wind or hail, although we did have two or three close calls
from hail storms.  Prom an^f orchard standpoint the conditions have been almos
almost ideal.  The fruit is clean and better color than usual. There
is however more codling moth, in evidence but as yet is not causing serious
loss.   The most serious blemish on  the fruit this year Ira a caused by
spray burn, the result, I understand, of the combination of oil and. arsenic.
This is somthing new in B.C. but has given a good, deal of trouble in
Washington for some time.   ";7e seem to dig up somthing new each year.
Our supply of water was the most regular we have had for some years.
The orchards have recovered in a large measure from the damage done by
the last two seasons of short water.   The young trees which have been
planted in the last few years have not done very well until this season.
They have put on good growth and will make a showing before long.
The enclose! statement of crop estimate and tree count was
male out in July. The Estimate is based on our tree count made at
blossom time.  At that time we etimated that crop would be 40,000.
boxes,figuring that we would lose some fruit with drouth spot.
The drouth Spot and brown, core trouble did not appear except on a few
trees.   In July the estimate was revised to 53,000.    The Jonathan
may run a little short but we have no reason to change the rest of our
figures.      When the tree count is made we set them out in Afatf/flvt
columns Full ,£.•£-.£ and no blossom.  The statement shows the number of
trees with no bloom in red ink.
fe are un to schedule with the packing but a few days behind
in the picking.   With fair weather however the fruit should be off
by the 26th.    The Jonathan will be over the grader this week ^nd next
week will see the last of the packing as the Romes ,Wagner,Spitsenberg,
Salome and soma of the Delicious will be hell loose in the Centre packing
house.       Up to date we have shipped 13 cars of Jons, to Great Britain
only one  car so **ar has been too large for this trade.
I have concentratdd on the labor cost this year more than
usual and have been on the 'job early ahd late to see that we got ^$/»
as much aa possible for our dollar.But the extra work on application
of fertilizers, cover crops, extra spraying and thinning has resulted
in our labor costs being within $100. of last years amount  as at Aug.30th.
Our total costs for growing will be very close to last year.
;/e have paid '^800. more for water and the spray and fertilizer costs will
be higher. The p®r  box cost #f the packed box will be less.
There has been no capital expenditure to speak of.
To day our Bank Loan is *21,500. All wages have been paid
up to Sep.30th. Most of the mper has been paid for. The fruit handling o
{  2  )  Oct 19th. 1932.
costs will amount to about four thousand.   I expect to have the Union
advance some cash in tine to take care a good part of these wages.
Our maximum Loan in 1931 was '§22,000. at the end of October.
Both picking and packing nates are lower.The material is also
less than last year.
that will w© get is the big question.
There are so many factors entering to the marketing question this year
that it is more than usual,-ihard to make any sort of guess.
On the basis of on© cent per  round we should, braftk even and I think we
can expect that.       If we do tiot do so it will be more difficult to
finance next years crop.   Our banker is still optimistic about the
market and seems to be willing to let us exceed our §20,000. limit
feeling that our ©nap will bring us at least enough to hold our account
down to last years balance.    This summer the Bank raised our interest
rate to 6§ \%  .    Their rates generally throughout the Province went up
at the same time.   I know of no one  in the district getting money for
less, even the Vernon Fruit Union is paying the same rate.
If the raturns to not pay expenses there will be some cheap farms in the
Okanagan next Spring,as many growers are inserioua trouble now.
Wou would no  'doubt read about the Cartel arrangements in the Vernon
lews.   The dart el has certainly saved us from making a terrible mess
of the marketing up  to Hat*, *nd if it can be held together the final
clean up may not be so hid.   Of course the rules and regulations are
being broken every day.  lothing short of legislation wt%\0  ever straight®
out our marketing troubles.
The Old Country Preference is going to help the deal a lot,if it
holds good for a year or two.   All applea of suitable si%e  and variety
are now going over.   At fajk  present the prices are poor on account of
American shipments being rushed over ta get in before the Preference
took effect.  It is expected that the market will be stronger as soon
as some of this American fruit is out of the way.
The Improvement in our Dollar exchange hurts us unless the Sterling also
comes up.
Until last week the movement ta the Prairie has been good. Today
The fruit is backing up. fa are looking for Ontario to ship a good
deal more fruit to England, i^ they do so our large si^es should find
a place down there.
There are other subjects I should write about and i must also send
you personal letters, but I will have to let this do for tonight.
Yours truly,
J.S. McAllister
R.3. Dormer.


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