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Letter from Jim [James] Goldie to J.E. [John Edgar] McAllister, March 6,1932 Goldie, James Mar 6, 1932

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March 6th.  1932.
Dear Mr.  McAllister:-
Have -just   received' your letter af  the 1st.
I  hfcd all  rea ly sent   yon a   copy of  the  letter from  the  Inspector
of Taxes   in  re^ari  to   personal   taves.     I  have  sent  them my cheque.
Yesterday I   took  our books  up  to  Vernon for audit  by
Maclachlan's man and  had  a   few minutes   talk   with him.
He   thinks   that   we atttst  wlni  up our present  Company in order  to get
rid  of  the  Surplus.       His  office are  of  the opinion  that  the
regulation,now in force,regarding  Family Corporations  will   this
Session be   ions away with.    -  It  was  one  of  the  Benn.it1 s  proposals
last  year.  All.  o^ his  proposals   v/ero   dropped  for the   time.   They
are  likely  to  dteal   with most  of  th^ri  this   session.
?"r J'aclachlan will   be  in lrernon  on ',/edensday next  when I  hope   to
have a   talk  with bin.
,7hen  the  shares   were   transferred   to   Donalds  name  we had
to  enter  them in his  name  in onr stock  record  book.   When a  dividend
is  declared  the  payment must  be  shown  in his name.
The  transfer hasto  be  reported  to   the Registrar of  Companies  in
Victoria,     le have  to  report   to   the  Income  Tax Office on a  special  form
all  dividends and   to  whom pald#     Shdar these  conditions it  would
be di^icult not to show hi^ name in the advances to shareholders.
I think that there is some advantage in having the payments shown
as   they are, in  that  your income   would  shown', as  less.
Early last   week all   the  snow  went off  the  orchards  and
things had  begun  to  iry up.       I  am gla.l   to  report  that  they are
a^ain covere V with  about  ten inches  of  snow.
I   di !  not have  time   to  n;et  out my own  statement   before
handing  the  hooks over  to   the  audi tor, but as   soon as he  sets   through
I  will   lose no   time   in  getting  it  out.
Yours  sincerely,


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