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Letter from J. E. [John Edgar] McAllister to Mr. [James] Goldie, December 11, 1916 McAllister, John Edgar Dec 11, 1916

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i8p° k &ro d<f tiI p rffr \MS?m
December 11th, 1916.
Jas. Goldie Bsq,
Okanagan Centre, B.C.
De&r Mr. Goldie:
I wrote you on Saturday re Bellevue Ranch, and to-day have your letter of
December 4th.
First,  I must thank you for seeing Lambert and jetting up the statement
he has given to you of the accounts.
Taking your letter in detail,  I notef the fallowing —      Instead of the
value of Oats being |225. as given to me When lira Vernon,I it now appears to be ^
$151#51f of which #128.81 went to Rainbow and|f32.|>0 to |aidman;    also the cow,^-^1
the value of which was given to me ^a^n fin Vernon as $12$.   is worth |70.     ^Xs it
is impossible for me to do anything with thij*  last item, I accept herewith your
offer to take it over for Rainbow at |70., jfreditiijg Bellevue Ranch account with
the amount.
j tut?
Regarding the other Items of equipment,if they are^of any value to Rainbow,
and nothing can be allowed Belleyue fdr them,  I will take advantage of your offer       ->
to store then to Bellevue*s order.
Regarding Laidman, fl am
Connie roe, Vernon, to the ^credit of
for 2 tons of roots.
Regarding Vern|n
statement of the^Bellevu| a
them, mftiich I w?fll tW fiom
given me by yom and
manager of this Company
ask him to depoi|
without  further
got his statement
If you will telepf
^ing requesting him to deposit in the Bank of
llevue $44,150, being #32.50  for oats md $12.
m j    \
it Union,  I am writing asking them to send me a
unt as  it stands ait present, showing the balance due
re, providing it corresponds with the amounts as
Grower at, Limited, as you were with me when we saw the
forget his name) will you kindly telephone to him and
ni due Bellevue ;R^rfch in the Bank of Commerce^ Vernon,
You may recall tmt he promised to do this as soon as he
Kelowna, whicpif I urlaerstood would be in a few days.
him and see" that "tfiis  is deposited,  I would appreciate it.
Re Coldstrfefcife Municipality, thiptf have already deposited with the Bank of
Commerce #11.80, the amount of their In^btedness to Bellevue Ranch. ^^
My reference to additional equipment purchased during the year, was
because I recalled an amount of $30. which Lambert had paid to a man named Gallon
for equipment purchased, which does not appear in the inventory.      I do not know at
this time whether there were any others, but this one I am certain of.
Regarding express on 4 boxes of apples to me, $10.80, the last thing you   y/
said to me when I  left you at  Okanagan Centre was that the Rainbow Ranch would pay
this, charging me with it, and I wish you would put it throu^i in this way.
Referring to statement of accounts receivable, the three items of — Jas.  Goldie Esq,
- 2 ~
December 11th,  1916.
W.  K. STlark # 9.00
Rev. Vance 12.00
C. Dart 1.75
I have placed in the hands of Messrs Reggie & DeBeck for collection.
Regarding statement of accounts payable,  I note the indebtedness to
Rainbow Ranch of $294.32. She amount you gave me when in Vernon was f245.63,
a difference of |48.69, and I assume the amount given to me in Vernon is correct,
as it was made up by you and Lambert together. I would therefore make the ^
account as follows «*«- ^ Ck^ *>
Due Rainbow, as per Goldie & Lambert • - — - - -$ 245.63 ^x^^7
*    Bellevue - Oats - - - - - ~ # 128.81 ,  i ^ y ^
Sale of cow ~ -  70.00        198.81 "v J^5 7
Balance due Rainbow - - - ~ $    46.82. <0.'
Please let me know if this is not correct, also whether you wish me to forward
you the money,  including $10.80 express on the apples, making a total of |57.62,
or whether you wish to  deduct this from my cash advances to Rainbow.
Yours very truly,
I .7iT
z~ Or Ml,
Z-JXf &


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