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Letter from J. E. [John Edgar] McAllister to Mr. [James] Goldie, August 9, 1916 McAllister, John Edgar Aug 9, 1916

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August 9th, 1916.
Jas, Goldie Ksq,
Okanagan Centre, B.C.
Dear Mr, Goldie:
Your letter of the 5th received, and will have your annual statements
typewritten and send you a copy.
The market reports you enclosed are noted, and I am not returning them
as you do noy ask for them back.    I enclose clippings from to-day1s Toronto
Globe, and have just had a conversation with Mr, H. Peters, a fruit and produce
dealer of 88 Front Street East, Toronto.   He states that last year they had a
few carloads shipped to them by the Varnon Selling Organization which were unsatisfactory, as the pack 'was no$ as represented, resulting in their having to make
rebates in several cases.    My idea in talking with him was to see if we could
not get into the Toronto market and obviate just such things as this, because if
our pack is good, it should not be given a black eye from the fact that others
shipping through the Association do not pack properly*
Mr. Peters suggests that we have one or two carloads consigned to me here
in Toronto, and he will thin XXXX either take them at the market price, or handle
them for us on a 10 %  commission.    He says there would be no use shipping
No. Threes and it would be better for the shipment tV>\ft composed of at least 80$
of No. Ones, the balance being No. Twos.    The (ierght is 500 per box, and you
of course understand that it would cost ja*t as iltacn to transport the inferior
fruit as the best grade.     If you think well of this you might advise me at
once, and let me know when the shipment will^clme forward.
jlpade representative of our various
o make a deal with us for our entire
it 12,000 boxes.    This I presume
y  already arranged to have the Vernon
was not very satisfactory to hear the
itself by i%s shipments to Toronto
He suggests that
varieties, and also says he would
production, which I told him
would not be practical as
Association handle the cro
reputation our selling association
last year.
Yours very truly,


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