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Letter from J.E. McAllister to [James] Goldie, July 29, 1913 McAllister, J.E. Jul 29, 1913

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 0 o
/ Toronto July 29th,  1913.
Jaa. Goldie Esq,
Okanagan Centre, B.C.
Dear Mir. Goldie:
I have your letters of the 11th and 19th, and return herewith letter
to yon from the Manager of the Vernon Branch, Bank of Commerce, dated July 11th.
I do not know what to say in reply to yours of the 11th.    It is more disappoint-
ing than I care to admit.     We certainly must have a meetfLng, and while I cannot
see now how to manage it, must try to get out there in
I will endeavor to come out with Mr,Dormer, or shortly after l^gets there*
The fundamentals which govern the success Of the business in which we
i    \'
are engaged, are cost of production and realized pricl. •  The former is dependent
upon expenditure, together with yield, and in the ny&tdr of expenditure, we have not
been in close enough touchyWi^h p\p  another, f    jfX had no idea until the receipt of
your letter that matters were|Vs se^o^js ^s you Indicate.   It is a very poor time
to talk of additional finaWing now J a3a/ it does not seem good business to face a
loss of $3,000. this year as indicated in your letter, with no prospect of getting
our money out.
Begarding realization, the fact that we realized only l<f per lb on
the trees for our last years crop, is almost incredible, when we know that the consumer in Ontario paid at least 5jf for the class of apples I understand we turned out.
I am told the Bethailreck people at Burlington,Ontario, realized approximately 5§^
per lb fob for their product of the same class as ours.  The freight rate from the
Okanagan to Toronto or Montreal, is #1.77 per 100 lbs, and you can tell accurately the
cost per lb from the fruit on the trees to the condition of packed and loaded on cars.
Evidently the consumer paid about five times what we received,and it is up to us to
eliminate this difference.    It is useless to figure where we are going to come out O 0
Jas. Goldie Esq, - 2 ~ 29/7/13.
on a realization of \<£ per lb.   The problem of selling and realization has
got to be faced and handled, as also the production cost.
It will be eight years on the 18th of next April, since I started putting money into the Rainbow Ranch, and to me it is imperative that some
definite plan be formed of assuring its success.    There is no doubt that it
can be done, and it is up to us to do it and act quickly.
Please send along the auditor*s statements as soon as you can,
with your explanation of the same, and also whether you have any plan that will
reduce expenditure and curtail to a minimum the difference between what the consumer pays and what we receive for our product.
Yours very truly,


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