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Letter from J. E. [John Edgar] McAllister to Mr. [James] Goldie, May 12, 1916 McAllister, John Edgar May 12, 1916

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May 12th, 1916,
Jas. Goldie Esq,
Rainbow Ranch,
Okanagan Centre, B.C,
Dear Mr, Goldie:
I have your letter of the 4th, and am obliged to fou  for forward*
ing the bank statements.   They evidently were sent to you by mistake, as the
bank sends them to me every month.    So far as Rainbow is concerned, they are
the only systematic information I have been receiving.    Our last communication I think was my letter to you of November 24th, when I sent you typewritten
copies of the estimated expenditure and revenue for 1915*16, and also copy of
inventory.    I hope you received these alright.
Thanks for the note from Russell regarding Bellevue.  I imagine
that he and Lambert do not pull especially well, so it is all the more likely
to be true.  I am sure Lambert is going to make good and a very hard worker.
It has been quite impossible though to get him to follow the simple system of
giving information for keeping the records, and I am unable to close the books
and make up the annual statement.    He thinks he can make the place pay this
year, but my advances last year amounted to over $1,400.    What I presume he
was worked up about was because I reminded him not to neglect the orchards in
going so hard after the mixed farming.    However, I think he is getting along
alright and I am going to try and get out as soon as I can to see both you and
him.    If it had been possible for you to see him even once, and look at my
letters to him endeavoring to get the information for closing the books, I am
sure it would have put him straight, but apparently he is worried about this
part of the thing, which he does not understand, and while it is very simple,
has its mysteries for him. '
I am glad to note that your annual statement is coming forward,
and hope you will let me have it as soon as you can.    Could you not also at
the same time make a similar estimate for 1916-17, that we did for last year,
and in addition give the actual figures for last year, as compared with the
estimate which we made.
About the money for hogs sold to BdljWwle, if this payment cannot
be made from what Lambert gets in, I will have to aee wh*t I can do as soon as
we get the books straightened up.   Co#ld you iQ^Athe amount out in produce?
I had a letter
wered, but now that I have he<
ing here seems to be that the
ruary, which I have not yet ans~
write him.    The general feel-
on into next year.
I hope all is going well with you, and that Mrs. Goldie and the
children are alright.
With kind regards to you all.
Yours very truly,


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