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Letter from James Goldie to J.E. McAllister and R.S. Dormer, December 19, 1933 Goldie, James Dec 19, 1933

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 Dear 31m   :-
December 19th.  1933,
lur last  Ranch letter waa   iate.1  3ep,   7th«     9'lHM  that  date
we ^ave hRd  from I-:r#  McAllister a  telegram elated  B®p.  10th and a letter
on S#f,littt«   t and flew Kr.  timmmw letters of Sep,   10th and Nov,  7th,
7e have coma  through one of the most difficult years  we h^ve
eicer hafl  to conten*  with in harvesting the cm"®. To he sure of nakirg
a quick clean up,   we got enough boxes an hand ami  took on a  big gang of
pickery nostly white men to start  with.    At  the  finish whan the weather
was  ha>.1  tha gang was composed of mostly Japs, So started on tha
Jonathan almost  before  they were  ready and  figured  that   we  frould be xm&w
cover by the EEnci  of October, It has  been a very wet Pall,    There
was three inches o^ rein recorded in 3ep. and three  inches  in 'Oct,
On the 13th of Oct,   tha ground was  white with snow and again on the 22 n d
there was about 4 inches of snow in the orchard,      The picking was
eventually finished on Oct*  27th, and  the packing house closed on the
51st # The ore hard was  so wet  that  it  was necessary to  sloop
the bo^es out   to  road ways an-* haul into  the  packing house  with the-
old, hif*h   '-'heel wagons.       This operation was difficult and  costly, *
it was not until Hov.  9th,   that all fruit waa under cover,  but as there
was no  frost  the trucking was not  rushed, . The weather continued
wet t>  CImi  finish an'  the armies and boxes  went  into  storage very wet.
This moisture  ii  30in?? to  orove ^ery serious as  botrytis  rot has develops
in an alarming way,     ?e have already started  sorting the  Romes and   -mgner*
At  present  it  looks  like a 15 to  30^ loss  but  we  wont know how tad it
•old, fe do seem to be able to find some new
It  would appear that  thfes  trouble  is general
of the Valley so  it may result  in better prices.
will  be until  it  is
trouble each year,
in llit northern en^
The  statement of Yield is enclosed.       The Crop turned
out very clo^e  to  the estimate,  but   it  should have  been better if the
applet fe»#  slzcrd  in the normal  way, :/e again start el  out   with the
idea  of trying to  -^row small  sisr.ed apples   ^or the  Export market as   the
prospects  for'the Domestic market  looked  poor, ve  went a  little
too   ^ar ilnsfi  fhis line anA>  lomi a  lot   of  tonnage on account  of lack
of sisse. The Codlin Hefcti also caused a   lot   of culling,   ^otwlthat
standing all  our spraying the Sfeeth has gained,  ground rapidly, and it
looks as  if  we would I to io -.ore  ^prayin^ ani  trapping to hold it
in check, Generally speaking however the fruit   was
he + + er or>lour t)\nn u^ual,      Tho  packed  fruit  graded out
1933 Cro-o gi«4aA about %f$ X.F     ' Si;;  F,  26;1 Gil,
•clean and
as followsj
1 ^r
JL  ,..;■' fj IM .   m. •   .
The large   si**! oJ
shinned  in bulk.
* both Macs &  Jons,
The  snail  quantity
•.  3<£JE  * •
were  taken off the
of  these should be
grader and
The Wealthy were ricked over two and  three  tines  for size,  nMlt of the
cror moving out   in the early pools,     if the market had held up we might
have got  another 400 boxes  tihteli  sleed  la tor but   were too  small an-5
without  colour at  the time of picking,   th-'se were left on the trees. 1     «    O
,,80, 19th, r::  ,
The Newtown fell  ilotm tvtm the estimate on account of lack ef rii&e
ani r.ore eodlin net) 2ted, el#fie also  3 id not
si^e  up as  exnac =        ■ ni  there  was a  lot.  o,r* amies  smaller than 163  s.
left  on the fcmtneU    The  laloroe   -'ere thinned jfrdl   lere  thinnei as hard
iS  usual   but   thoy did  not  mizB as they should have done,     ""here   was a
very 'dry hmt  spell  a-    the  eni ©f July end  hegininfl; of nepterher which
seeiBel  to have  more  efffcet  on the  tree®  than  usual.
This  ens ■ °or the  nomr-s ana  the Macintosh in the f/ifi/M^W
SmiW      : i    :  and also  the  Jonathan in the  so called  BIG JOlAfMAJI
3L"0K Th-  Delieiop*  ant  Newtown on  the  MM*   JIBS an-3   R0008   3/^K
were also off. The Cover croooin^; should help tree  growth
next  year,but   by  rights   the  Thole orchard   should  have a  dressing  of
commercial  fertiliser The  water supply  ms much   f-otfer
than ususl ar- > 1   service,       Ae  got  and  used  our three
hundred  feet   on water. It quantity is   Just   about   right   "or nest of
the  reason but   fur the   throe or ^our weeks  roun^  i i   the end of July
we should lamble the flow.
Of the apples  we  w_ I ani  Decked 79 f£   lent  Sxport   in 1931 77 j£   were
ak  Loan ran Up to   *  2-%000.   exactly
!Jp to late  ve te»*e reeeli^ei  fina the  iTernon ! ruit flnio^ '15f373,0?
The      I | now stands at. £6,000,
Our rent   i    .    nt  0redit  n-Ver ho v. Labor 598     ...
t o win           11 ■ q   3ank t od* y . * $ 10-T*, 6 7
p,   V«aI*«9   *or Supplies 3f151.£8
*«   Box  rectory 3,710,40
balance o" "lun^ry ^ccts, 850,
OWlng   fOf*   3,0,   Tro L...Q0C
Current     :     lilt lee       *~~**~*.—»m.«^«m>m« |
That   is  the cro^       i till  have  to nett  us about/'    3#QG0#
Any guess  tttiny would  be  wild,   when one has  to   "iguro  on the
t)o33ible shrink^^e o^  itemge   stock to say n^ti-in* of the market.
It  I run,   i   iruV' :),000,   to   ^5,0/K).
Shnv ilttesint  of  \'-x^.   3rd.   1CP3.   set   out   that   the current
Liabilities  e^eele1   the   Current   Assets  by  |l3ffl47, "hat   it   would
appear that  we might   just about  break even I l  years operation.
Ie hnva 'ime our best   t.-*   lee   that   we got all   that   we  paid  for
this year*       '-ery little ttoney has  been spent outside o^  /^a^es.
The  labor '     ■     ?en  ?ntrX~f efflftient   this  y®^r9  and   ?unnr;  f*' s  Sip   or
the basic  *e|ge I ten 171- •/  per hour reason
uo to 27/ per h*%
I mm $ettin-T out a  statement  showing wages  over a   pnrio
jetAU   with  t^o  beele   wage ■-.n'!  ai  ^ar as  possible  the number of days
alon^  with  the the  crop yield.       On the next  page fipyk:pA^%).  Ii a   table
showing wages   for t {toning season, and 4 nonths  harvesting, /
C s )
Dec, 19 th. 193;",
A B 0 1    3 9 HI!
Year  Dec. Jan,    Mar, Apr. May.   Aug. Sep.    Total
& Feb.      Ju&f & July     Oct. tJov,    for
   . r._ ,     _ „, ,   _™_____    year
1927" 1,233.34 5,253,24 10,142.83 16,629,20
1923 1296 ,31 7,308,60 15,213,77 21,821.68
1029 1,275,80 5,860.55 11,342.70 19,079.11
1930 1,345.37 7309 .15 3,733.23 18,595.25
1931 433.63 4,333.13 6,633,30 11,960,61
1952 578.44 4,967.36 3053 ,71 13,603,01
1933 J*^/*?**/** 3,207,33 6,655,34 /V,*/l,}±~     .
The  urates   ^r Dee;  Jan.  I;,ab,   this  season will not amount to much as   •
tha only man  ee-ftgiiig at   present  is oil  3am,   the Jap.
Without  s  lot  ®f detailed  information  th&ee  ^Igures may not
convey much  to  yon,   but  it  doei   the l ihet our labor coat  is much
lower this   la it  three  years, it  is  di^icult  to make a
comparison year Nk# a a no  two  seasons are a like in the
packing and even the %m Ants* Pruning, episeylitg, thining hoover
e toping vary eonsl hrmhly. The peeking house epejrmtion le never
the same. Tho  yield of coursa  ii the big factor,
Previous to  in*^o nost  of the crop was packed mwd\ handled  by our**
selves.       Tor tho lent  *ew years r.x  lot  ef the cror has  been delivered
loose   lireot  ^rorn the orchard,       Thane3ain previous  to  1930 our
trucking mn done  by contract, which in 1329 amounted  to  11000,  and
is  included in the above  figures,  whereas only the  labor used  with
our own truck  it   ihown since  that date.
Km  t.o  s        ^ees   Pot1 the  coding year,   I   intend being governed
by the market  prospeote,       I** things look brighter aib  sh^ald  do a
little trore  vrynnin^ an1  spraying; than we have done  this last  year
or two* mid also  be a  little mora particular with  the thinning,
I think that   se oen get by witout neklng any 5 a pi xpendlture this
year,but  the fitting is  getting in bed   *haoe. a Tractor Is also
on its  last  legs.   It  will  *-e overhauled  this   linter^
the  fen An en full  of fruit   narket  telk all  season
ind  fro® it   yon should have a fely idea o^ the   "alley* s   loin^.^.
a  bai^n f ^
ill  o
1          A    X
e a
ie of
lar^e r
In 1932  the Associated  enfl  some ef  the  larger Independent   "jhipr.ers
folded up the urtbrella  fairly   fell   en    Mil season they to
throw it away.     it  was  this  action that  3tlrred up things ayA   U^y
3rowers  tew  re^   ^r a   titse. l  result  Is   that   m hnve  boenfso
thing for our apples  instead ef |liriit§ them away.
interest  can only be maintained   tie ".ay arrive at  i
deal   this   rro^in^  year even though wo  do  not   §*1 .isw^uu
are  looking  fort Legislation is however . Ff If we are^G|nf
t -  e;et any real   results.
if tha Grower   J
ly reasonabyf
islation j* 6 O
(     4     )
Dec.  10th.  197r.
In regard  to the prices  reeelvd last 3eason,   I have compared
our returns  with those naid  by other shippers and i^ allowance  is
made  **or the   ^y^^rt   \BB\  *g would have done little batter if as   Mil
by shipping thfwigh other channels.       The odd small  shipper did
Of course   ml  more by not  taking ^ny of the grief of protecting the
I  find that   I have neglected  to  seni  Lr. McAllister a copy of
the' Guarantee  Bond,      This is now enclosed.
At  the  time of arran^in^ the Credit  the manager gave mo  to understand
that  he  expected us  to  clean up our balance at  tha  ehd of the  year.
But  we have no  letter to  thli effeel*       Wo   loubt   their terms for the
next credit  elll also  be  governed by the market  prospects,
I   will advise  you as  soon as  we h^ve any clear indication of
the  "pinai  prices  we are likely Ie  receive. Dn Hov.lOth.   I  got
^rosa %"r.  Chanben a  letter covering the deal  in a  general way.
This I an sanding Ie  yen under separate cover.      ffei fruit has been
moving out  fairly well.    The Macs,  are cleaning up  ,but at  low prices
Two cars ef our fapieT are  going out this week,So  Tomes have moved.
fill add  a  personal  letter.
Your^  truly,'
J^.KcAllister Lsq.
Capt.   E,8.Dormer


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