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Letter from [James Goldie] to J.E. McAllister and R.S. Dormer, October 26, 1928 Goldie, James Oct 26, 1928

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October £6th.   I9&8
Dear Sirs   ;••
fe lest wrote Sep.26th. and have no word from you since*
All the apples are aff the trees.  And we expect to finish Packing
•about lov. End.
There have been shipped IIf100 boxes of Jonathan and
there are a few more packed to go.  Besides the packed Jons.
we hays shipped seven cars of Bulk apples orchard run* Another
bulk car i?oes to-morrow , and we expect to ship another two or
three.  A lot of small and poorly colored Jons have b^en left
on the trees.  The Market dont want Jonathan at any price.
It now looks as if the Bulk fruit will bring as much as the Packs.
Most of the packs have gone to Sreat Britain.
fhere have been shipped 8715 boites of ffagners with
a few more to go.  The Wagner pool is likely to be fairly good.
1I6£ hoxas of Spitsanbert; haye been shipped but there
are more to be packed.
About a. thousand Hewtown have aawsil out and there are
about two thousand on hand , these will go at once, fe are still
packing them.
Some af the Delicious have been packed but still 4n
the house.
The Rome Bsuty and the balance of the Spits and
Pelicious ^nd Newtowns are still to be packed*   The Salome will
be stored in The Winfield House the Same as last year.
is are in the danger sons of frost, however the weather
has been and still is fine. There has been only very light frost
on one or two nights,and the pr&ries are Still having &114 weather,
so there is little llkelyhood of us beln^? c^u^ht.
Another ye^r irt we have as >Mg i crop we should install another
graderso as to speed up the operation.
While our last estimate has not been chekedjd up,
we think that it will not be far out. The Konsuch are not likely to
be shipped.
If the Shippers dont go crasy and try to clean up
too quicklv we may still get a  price for our crop.      The Board  of Control
has lost control,   but up to date there has  been no  open breaking
of prices.      There is a little horje of more than breaking even.
Jours  truly,
To  J.r^VFc.VUi3ter


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