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Letter from [James Goldie] to J.E. McAllister, August 31, 1928 Goldie, James Aug 31, 1928

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AUffOSt   31   st.   1928,
J.B.HcAl Tister Ss'i.
36 Toronto Street,   Toronto.
De^r Mr. MeAlllater:~
last letter to you SB file  is July 1st.  but I  think that I have
written a  personal   letter since  then. Your last was dated July 20th.
The addition to  the Paeklsg house is finished*    All accounts
not vet  in.        m not  think lib cost  will exceed estimates.
The enclose I snap shots ^ive s   fill idea af the building.
The oil bullAlJIlt which we took  down has been set up a^ain about sixty
feet last    and is use"' ss  posr  housef?raetor and workshop,and also holds
sprav out   fits. Both fad Idling are  set   on cement  sails and blocks
**n"J  should last*       The nrouxtf   sills  sf  the old buil Ur^  ver   tMkdil rotte I
out anl  it  is   louttfttLl   It it would bay*  carried  the los .i   this  Fall.
The  thinning  mis not    finished until July the  30th. It cost
$5244* This  is similar te 1326.     It  ssems almost  impossible  to cut
this  with the  kin*! of Imbor that  we i»t.       The Jonathan   /ere  set  very heavy
and.  took a lot af time.
The  Cherries were   ihlupad out July 20th and. &4 th.  to the
Qarinerv.       Yield 7475 pounds.
The Crabs went out   between August  2nd.  and the 7th.
Total  shipment  1804 boxes.
The   Wealthy were tft ppod bit^sn August iilat.  and ^5th.
total shipment boxes.       -bout two thirds af these are  Crates.on
account af color.
le should start picking Wacs.  about the  10th of $lJL£ month.
The market  is  In a  bad way an I unless  there is a decided
improvement  we will not break even  this year.
The  irrigation plabroke out about the  10th of the month and
we have been with out   water until  the 27th.       And up to date  we are getting
only a  small amount of water.     This water shortage is liable  to cut our
yield materially.     It  is  to smriy to know how serious?.^ this  will  be.
The swather has been very hot   and   iry and for two weeks there has been
little change in the  si'*e ofir fruit.       Hth cooler weather an^  some  water
we may still   {at  sle#.
i  was   in 7anatehee   last  week end to set some buds  Hay top
.   Will write you in ff • W  detail  shortly.  Rays  just  tuched the
hi^h spots in this.
Yours  truly
>A*i~*-i»AZAS+Tr^-A~   i^^Xy'ybth^^


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