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Letter from [James Goldie] to J.E. McAllister and R.S. Dormer, September 1, 1929 Goldie, James Sep 1, 1929

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 o o
Okanagan centre,   Is
i^ept*   Eat,   IMt.
Daar Sirs  :-
it  |a  only lately that   we have managed  to get   what   we  consider
final  flguroi on last year* roturns.      An1 we mr® now ^wUn^ you a
otatoaont of rotamo ^or each variety aftar all adjustments an$ rebates
have  been aado. The  cash receipts  c?re  increased  by *405.7Q,  and   tho
3took  rebate   ^rom the  Vernon   "fruit Union  Increased  by  *iir.0.6r,
">ur ^*n$^ymnt  af  Currant   Llabilltloa  and  1 eturns   sent  to   you on Fay 87th.
Oho it   the  Returns   toro  la**-,   than  th?   "urrent   Mabilitie-s   by *i 90^.7 9
Thi 1   now be   reduce 1   to  #497.09 The  ?.F#U.   Stock also  has  0
value i.        'i not be fcraatM ai ratmmo -ontill tha-y are sold.
To-lay m hoi11  tho  following Sharos  of Tho 7ornon Union.
4     t A  )   Olaao   *       These  should  be  rale^ine4   this  Winter.
^6'^     (   1   )     ,,        g       3ome af   fhese  should  b^  rotirod   tho   iinter of Ir;
2030     (   0   )     ..        .       ThOOo are  sappoao^   la  be  retired   in about 6  years.
S6I     {   D   } ,       in taven years  this  is  supposed  to  revolve.
3783     Fatal  f#F#S,  aharoa hold  fcy tho Itanollo,   only  ""our shares appear
on tiki   iaaka,       fhm documents are kali  in lafa  box  i  n  tho  Bank of
On  June   the  30th     the  present  crop  wai   estimate:!  at   53,£50
boxes.    The enclosed statement  ahova how this lo made up.
Today we  WO aid  not  change  this  a  sjreat  deal,   but  oo   I    taotlo&a  of  the
orchard are very opattf and very hard  to  gttOOO,  and  we  would not  be
«urpf*iaad  if  the  crop does not reach  this   figure, tat  of the  fruit
lo  OlsUkg fairly well and  la very clean but   the colour la  still  laoking.
We  i afford   PfOH Bat  having  early -"or the heavy land. The  clay
sections were not  oatorad laat Tiov*** toor.        There  mi na    all taint
and very little snow.     ta *  "ha  irrigation ty\t<*r  Ul not   oaao aa until
June.       Tho  result  la   that g;> hoavy clay orchards  look sick.
Most  or'  the  Oov^r Orona  were  turned  in early and   tho  place  was  cultivate-"
more  than   Par so^e years.       In  July  no  borrowed a  Sub soiler and  broke
up the  clay,   this  let   the  %m.ter down and   tho  trees  are  showing up better
ffo have  shipped  5000  1|M  Marrollo  cherries.     The  price  will****
I  little more   than pay expenses.
■The  ""rab3   turnod  out   3667   Boxes,  The  price  should  be  close
to a   ^allar  for &  packed box.
Toisy w$ ifwrtad  to pick thi  faalthy apploo.     ">ur (t&oaa on
their 77>res   ,   they will  exceed  this by quit a  a  bit.     it  is   the
"!iT-^e3*v  OfaT   tho   laal       ' teal   produood.     The ffaoa ara loaded  fco  the breakin
point,   but   tho  colour iii  r^oor and   they are going  to  graflo very low on
fchii aoaa&frt.     They are largo  and clean.
The Moot   nhvai *  start  about   the  18th of  the month.
it araoaat the ?aarkot laoko fair] imd It is quite
possible  faf1 us  to have another 20,000  year.
Out   ^i-^e  of   the  Heavy ftlayyvtho  orchards  look  well,  and   they ihou
should   recover in another year*       Some of  the  budding done  last   Fall
did  not  take very  well  and  wa have   just   finished  going over them.
Generally spooking  the younr t**a«s have made njood graath.
Io  will   try to   keep you posted ao   the  crop  is  picked.
Yours truly
Copy to   F.l .lister ^^^^v^f^


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