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Letter from James Goldie to J.E. McAllister, January 14, 1928 Goldie, James Jan 14, 1928

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Jan.   I4th.   1928.
J.I*McAllister Ssq.
30 Toronto Stffaat*
Toronto, Qnt9
Dear Mr.  Me  Allisterj-
Thanks for y.yxr latter of the 4th,
I. arrived home on the  I7th.  and found all  wall,
there had bean considerable snow and cold weather.    Little pruning
had been done on this account.       Christmas week was also cold with
more snow.    Four below was the coldest we had it at the Banch house.
The orchad  would  be colder than this,  and  in Vernon they had  it as
low as 20 below, and up Coldstream Valley about 50 below.
There has been no damage that  we have heard of. On the 3rd.  a
South wind came up and continued until yesterday.  On the ilth the
glass  went up to  55,   If it dont drop suddenly this  will do no damage.
After looking over the Salomes  in storage  we have
decided -to pack them out at once.     Starting Monday.  At  present prices
they will net about 20 cents more than 1 was figuring on.
The Macintosh pool is closed.  The Account Sales  is
not inn,  but it figures  out about $300.  less  than wnn estimated.
The enclosed letter to Bisectors  will give you
some idea of the Central pool condition.
Since Nov.   I7th.   we have had advances from the Union
as  follows. fair,   25th fl.OOO,
30 2r72§.
Dec.   20 5,000.
Jan    I4th 6,500. .
$ 15,225.  Total.
The Demand Loan at  the  Bank has been cleaned up and there is about
§300*  in the  Bank.    This will. )m^[!kM out within a few days.   ,
It is a  long time since we have been in the position of not  paying
interest. Next  week another advance should  be tuade,possibly
| 4f000.       this I  propose  paying out at once. We could no
^oubt carry a  loan at  the  Bank and make further advances  but  I
would like  to see  the Banker before doing so.     I  would also like
to be sure that all   debits have been ent/red.
The suggestion    of the  Ranch passing my travelling exp
expenses is very pleasing at this time,I need the money badly,,
Thanks very much.
I  will  write you later in regard to  the Salome
pack and also  the Kelowna Convent ion.
Sincerely jwy
I   wrote  io Dormer yesterday and  wilf^also  send him a copy of this.


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