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Letter from [James Goldie] to J.E. McAllister, October 6, 1927 Goldie, James Oct 26, 1927

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October 6th. 1027
J.S.McAllister 3sq.
38 Toronto Stre t.
Toronto, Ont.
Dear Mr McAllister t-
^e I last wrote you on Sep I6th. and have had  your
litter of t«lf Elst.
Regarding the Fordson Tractor .  The only loss we will have
on this will be the dpreciation on the machine if we turn it in.
The tracks for the Fordson cost about flOOO. If we sell the
Ford and turn in the old Cletrao and buy a new Olectroc  the cost
will also be about a thousand Dollars. The Fordson with wheels
coat only «g£& $685.      and as others are us^fing them I thought we
should, but our place can not be worked with a wheeled machine.
The young trees in the forth Bast corner were gmfted over
to Cat^aa i .Baldwin on account of the trun^rks being frost killed.
We npw have a Baldwin frame work and we have budded this back to
whai*  they were supposed to hw.
Finance.—    At the present time our Loan amounts to |I4#400.
With September wages not paid.    The Paperr la also unpaid.    But we
have settled for the Box shook, and taken the discount.
^o money has been advanced to us on fruit as yet.
Ill my opinion it would have been bad business to have made advances
uns41i  we eouid see money coming for this years crop.      I have also
bee£ dealing with the Bank for a better rate of interest and an advance
might have a  bearing on it. The lank have agreed to give us
a  tate of 6% providing the balance carried In the accoimt is not
too low. I have a letter from Boraer also re^Tnding the
payment of |2,000.       1 will forward cheques for this amount.
You might send me a voucher    for a $1000.  traveling expenses and
i will ask Dormer for a similar one.
fhile the scheme of advancing money b$r the Union has been
given up,  1 expect that advances will be made much pronfter than
in the past. The Market is holding strong and the crop is
moving out fairly well.
Eeferring back to  the  Finance.  It is my opinion that before
making further advances we should clean up our advances from the
Bank,  or satisfy them that  the Loan will be cleaned up at the
end of the season.
The Macintosh packing finished last night,    fehy turned out
about 3,000 in ail,or one thousand less $rhan our estimate.
About 1500 boxes of Jonathan have been packed.    About half of them are
packed. All fruit is lacking in colour this year and our grade
will be not as good as last  year. The weather has been the^
limit.      Rain nearly every day. If it dont let up now it will be A
J.s£«Uch.     Oct, 6th
( 2 }
a  have a fair si   ~,ang and should be able to get the crop $tt
if any one does.       have lost nothing by dropping so far.
Wealthy and Mac?, dropped badly in the Coldstream.  There will no
doubt be Ater  core.    A week ago none of the Winters
were fit to   plok , today th-*-v should all be off.   Conditions of this
kind are hard to over  co^.e.
If anv thin*
7 *ad happens 1 will advise you.
The Orov  w\
4> ,.
it future marketing preb] rh#n X 3©e you.
wv.fl  t j   7f, baforw  1 can get away.       Iwill let
you know when I expect  to isav-3. 1 in coming alone title  trip.
The  two  youngeters nt hone BMtke this necessary even if we could arrange
with  the B^nkar.
I will se: '       jopy of this letter to Dormer.
Yours very truly.
^^2y^^ pA^yxy^ (lM


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