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Letter from [James Goldie] to J.E. McAllister and R.S. Dormer, November 12, 1930 Goldie, James Nov 12, 1930

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 Rainbow Banc he f
Okanagitn Centre,  B.C.
Nov.   I2th.   1930.
Dear Sirs   *•
I have not written a  report since  your visit with ms.
This has been a hectic  and most unsatisfactory year,  and  there have been
very few bright spots  to write home about.
We finishei  picking Oct 27th. and the fruit was not all
under cover until Nov.   5 th* The  packing house was shut down on
the  1st of Nov.
The  enclosed statement of yield shows   that we packed and
shipped 31t854 boxes -less  230 boxes of House hold Mats.,   which may
be dumped..    t  fe shipped  the equivalent of 3219 boxes in Bulk*
There piM/^i  is  til# estimated  equivalent of I0f050 boxes being held .
in the finfield Packing house*     We  were ordered  to hold all  loose
and only pack to fill orders.
This  years market conditions are about  the worst on record*
As  yet  there  is no  sign of improvement. There  is not much use  in
making a guess as  to  returns,  but  I  think we will be lucky to get
an average of Seventy cents  per box*  This  would mean only |3It500.
which would not square  the bank at  the  end of the  year.
The apples  did not si^e as  we  thought  that  they might#
and the yield was cut down considerably on this accountt  we also  lost
a  lot of Macs*  with Brown Core, and some Newtown with Brought Spot*
Generally speaking  the color was  below average,  but  the  fruit was
clean and very free from blemish* When the  fruit at finfield
moves out  I  will send you a  detail statement of  the yield,   showing
grades and size*
You will  see by the Vernon News  that our Pooling ar&ngement
is in danger of being kieked over,  if  this happens  I am afraid  that
ray guess of 70 / may be  too high. fe are in for another Winter
of  talkfests* Mr*  Black is now out with a  scheme of Central  Selling*
If he ha^l done  this  two  years ago  it might have gone over but now I
have my doubts. I  will  send you a copy of Chambers  letter to
the Associated Directors  written Oct*  27th dealing with the Associated
marketing,  which may be of interest  to  you*
The  two questions of Water and Balance Sheet  I  will  report
on separately later*
I have cut  this letter short as  I have  to  go   to Vancouver
tomorrow,  will be back Tuesday the  18th* It will however let  you
know that we are still in buisnessf and I  will write in detail later*
Yours  truly,
J.3.McAllister Esq*
P.3.Dormer Ss\, 


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