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Letter from James Goldie to J.E. McAllister, August 26, 1927 Goldie, James Aug 26, 1927

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Aguat 2©th. 1927.
*?*!.  Msaliistar Esq*
56 Toronto Street,
Dear Mr.  McAllisters
1 have your letter of the  I?th. 1 last wrote
you on May the  21st.  at that  time the Trees  were  in bloom.
We had a lata Spring with much more  rain than usual #  and even
into  the middle o'  July tare ware frequent showers.    At one  time
it looked aa  tf the crop was going to ha ruined by apple scab
and mildew.       V* did considerable spraying for this.     The last
seven weeka have been vary warm and $Tf+
Last year we started pinking Wealthy on the  14th of August
an this year on the 2Sth.~yesterday.
A tree count was made during blossom time and a  record
made of the tree-* with the different amount of bloom.     This  record
shows  that  %hm crop is very spotty,  a  lot of trees had no bloom.
Bven with this record it   is hard to make a guess that you would like
to bank on.- At the  present  time my guess stands at 35,000.
In most places the  fruit  is  sisin* fairly well.    lener^Hy speaking
.it is clean, Mildew wild.cut the grade on the Jonathan and Scab
will  cut down the 1-acs.  and tfe.vtown   ,  not seriously however.
The u#af roller and Bud moth have been fairly well elinft'ted  from
the orchard. fhe Centre has formed a spray gone under ^overroient
legislation to hold  down the  Codling Moth,       Under this  y*e are
putting pm four arsenate sprays on the  17 acres and  three on the
last side of the Hoars Back as a  protection against codling moth
which has been found on the Jones*   place.'     Up  to date no moth
have been located in our orchards.
The Grabs were picked the second week in August.    The  total
shipment  was  2512 bokes. The Wealthy which are OQj&ing off now
are estimated at 3000. They are better bIkb and cleaner than last
yenv but  the -color is still lad king and most of thea are going Gee §t &Mft Seasons Central  Pool for Crabs  was S4 cents and
l~ cents  for Wealthy. The Grabs have gone out well at about
one dollar9 and the  Wealthy about $1.60 fef Cee Orade.     this  is some
improvement. The Market looks fairly strong and  we an quite
hopeful   o^ getting about 40 cents better than last y#arfi  prices.
The boxes and paper are going to cost more by about two cents.
tjr. to date our labor bill  is about  two  thousand less.     Wages are
the same but  there is m better supply of men.       We have only two
white men on the  place at present. All  the rest are Japs,
lo Chinamen were used in the thinning;* u
The orchard  looks well and compares very favorably with any
others  that  1  have seen. The cover crops are growl* strong
and Aa^oTB long one will neel an army tank to get  tfcstoi'Sh it.
The Fordson tractor we bought last yenr is not prevving
-"isfactory.     It digs  itself in in *et ground  or in the stmd and
on any grade,    ft will have to get a track  for it or make another
change an-"1 go back  to  the Cletrac. c o o
J.B.McA. ;
Aug.   E6th 1% 1
The Fordson first cost  is  much  less*  and  the  repair parts
.are  cheaper. Cn certain kinds of ground it works  satisfactorily,
but  to handle our  job we must have a Track machine.     The whang*  will
cost about a   thousand  dollars. c
Next season we  should fill  the 3ast  end of the North orchard
inthe section where  the ??unsuch are  with young trees  in  the same  way
a^  we did the Jonathan Bjock. Most of the  fanner trees up near
the Cherries should  come out  this. Winter* The  young grafted  trees  i
in the Ten Acre*? have beon budded back to  the varieties  originally
The Water supply has been fairly satisfactory this  year
although  it  takes  all   M can get  to  keep  the orchard  in sbap~.
The users  arc  still  scrapping with the Land company over the  later
8yetem and rates* Sooner or later the Water must be handled by
the  user^The Company recognize  this  fact.       They want  the users
to  pay %fcW^base'* on the cost of operation and replacement  without
setting up any reserve and   without  having visible assets.     The Users
tut  to  protect  themselves  fi*m buying the system twice*  or ft*  they
contend  three  time?*. The Water Comptroller now assumed* that vi-?^
System is  a pertinent  to  the land,  and ban  been setting the  rates
on this  baais,  not allowing the Company any return on them/ investment.
The Appertiftnance question can ^nly be settled by taking jbfifi  it  to
the Courts.
I  still hope  to  get out a  statement  in a simple  form, for tbb
years operations.       It-  is  not possible  to make our annual  statement
at the end of our Tear %& show.,.the actual  results  of the operations
for that  years  crop. -wever the  statements   I have already sent  yoe
do  3how  the acfrua!  oo*t  of our own operations,  and  they are  a good   thin?;
to have on  file. Only a  few day<5- ago  we had  some more adjustments
with  the  Union and a  payment  on the. Bulk fruit  shipped*
The net  result  seams  to be  that  we dlsbur 11  surplus cash last  year
and  this  year we have a surplus  of about $1800. ir Demand Loan was
reduced   to- $i900.  and at  this date  stands  at "-0,400!*
nave  taken no action  regarding a disbursement  so  far,
but would suggest  that as  soon as  it  is  fairly certain what  is going to
happen this  season that  we disburse a couple of thousand  dollars.
The question of th^p4  entries  for these disbursements  is again Pacing to
come up.       'If we are fljAdbng  to make some money it seems  to rue  that we
should   declare a dividend  to  cover anything ovarr the  two  thousand.
I  would like  to hear from both  you and Dormer on this question*
resume  that   you are  receiving The Vernon. pf^if..f,!  News,
The O.K.  Bulletin,  The Market  Report and  the Horticultural  News  Letter.
*•- L#'t me  knov* if you are not-
u have had  time   to look them over you will  know something of the
.ot at  regulating market pwicos and distributation,  by a Committee.
So  far the  experiment  seems  to be working out alright but  the   test  is
st.Ml   to  come f when we start  the Macs,  and Jonathan. This  years crop
sho.ild not be anything like as hard  to handle as  it has been the last
>i r £#ars. '  am be?>ininss to  think that  the Growers  will  forgel
T   ;
isoclated  idea. o
J.E.M&A.   (3 )
Aug. 20th./27.
As yet 1 have no definite recommendation to make in regard to our
marketing problem for nevt year.     if  we breaic even with the prices
received by the Independents and if the tonnage is not reduced too
much there is no doubt that we should continue as we are.
The Orglnisation is alrishjr as far as it goes,but at present it has no
A lot of our difficulties would
of the Locals and could get service
power over the Locals or
helred if the Associated
from the Grower. At present  the Grower and the Local  pay more
attsotion to getting thier fruit into the highest Pool tHan they do to
giving service to the Sales A^ant.       There is bound to be a. shake
up. low serious th&s will be will depend upob the Pool Prices.
There is no independent shipper strong fifi  enough financially
for us to trust our crop with*     To handle our own crop would be
difficult under existing conditions. The Trade demands .^ixed cars which
we would find it hard to fill.     1 have been working on^cheme to
*nake the Associated a one  man institution with control of all Locals
with a selective membership and a smaller tonnage.
I  ghoul 1 h--ve qone   to toi      Mil I una but did not like to
leave the    ament r^^arUrd Sprays and Thinning to the man I had.
Unless something u^forseen happens I intend leaking the trip to Toronto
as soon as the crop is packed.  This should be about the first of Nov.
And 1 hope tlat yon will be in town so that we can talk over conditions
as they exist at that time.
I will send s. copy of this letter to Dormer.
Yomrs simcerelyf


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