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Letter from James Goldie to J.E. McAllister, November 15, 1927 Goldie, James Nov 15, 1927

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) (
Nov.   16th 1927.
Dear Mr,  McAllister:-
The Paekimg operation was finished up on the
ni^ht of the End.
All  fruit  was under cover from frost on the night of th©
9 th.
On the  10th.   the  thermometor went to four degrees of frost,
and it is still freezings with about ten inches of snow on the ground.
Hot withstanding the  wet season we have had the best operation,
so far as the  packing house goes,that  we have ever had.
The  fruit  went  through quickly and was well graded.  It is doubtful
if more fruit could be put through our present plant with out
working two shifts. More Mcintosh might be handled
but an increase in the later varieties would require other arrangements
This question roust be taken up before another season.    At the
present  time I have no definite recomendation to offer.
Tou will find enclosed a Statement of our shipments,  with
grades and size groups.
There is a hang 0¥©r of some Jonathan and Macs.    These are
stored  in the fflndfeild Packing house for the  present,   they should
movo out  soon.      They will all have  to  be repacked.       tile is  to
see this done.
The Salome looked  d»n good  shape when they were put away.
I will  again be on the  Job before they are packed.     It is eicpect.d
that  they will go over the grader so  that we should get a better
grade  than last year.
?e ^re also sending you a statement which was made up today. All the accounts are not yet in, and this statement
may have to be revised some but Ithink not to any great  amount.
It shows our accounts  payable  to be about  ^23,900.
I have taken possible figures for pool prices.    I'hese work
out to $52,000.  net at the Wharf. We will  try to get some
of the Associated officials to check up on these prices.
To-morrow we should know how much cash we may expect in th©
near future.
I am trying to get away for Toronto by the  I7th.
A copy of this and statements--will  go  to !ir,  "Dormer.
Yours/triil !


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