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Letter from J.E. McAllister to James Goldie, January 24, 1929 McAllister, John Edgar Jan 24, 1929

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 o o
January 24th 1929.
James Goldie, Esq*,
Manager, Hainbow Ranch,
Okanagan Centre, B.C.
Bear Mr.  Goldie,
Your letter of January 8th has loeen received,  together with the preliminary statement, and it does not  tell a very encouraging story.       It must be a great disappointment  to you to have gone through
all  the work and worry of growing and marketing the 56,000 cases of product
to merely break even.
She statement  shows that we are carrying over packing inventory of $3,600.00, and have spent money in replacements amounting to
$4,400*00 more, a total  of |8,000*00, which is absorbed quite properly in  the
expenditure  of the year.      The statement  of yield enclosed with your letter
of November 12th does not  give the figures for the 1927 crop for comparison,
and upon inserting these we find that while the Macintosh, Roman Beauty and
Newtown varities are up,  the Delicious is considerably less.      I believe if
we could bring up our Belicious production we can show a much better return.
You can see them marked in the  shop windows here at 75^ a dozen for  the extra
I presume you will be unable to get out any definite
statement until the Pools are closed and prices fixed,  but let us hope that
the final returns will work out better than indicated in your letter of January 8th.
Apparently it  has turned out a mistake making  such a
heavy planting of Jonathan in the orchard, but the  fillers should be coming
on no® and the time can not be far distant when we can start eliminating this
variety.      I would like to have your views on this.
All items as given in the Vernon paper on marketing
have been read with interest, and there does not  seem to have been arjy progress
made in this most  important  factor.      After all,   this is the most important
feature of the entire business, and from the present  outlook it would seem to
be well  for you to examine closely the operations of the past year and see if
there is not  some way that we can reduce our cost of production,  because it does
not    look as tho the marketing feature will be met and overcome in the near
With kind regards, and hoping to hear from you as
soon as you have additional definite information,
Yours ;j^ry->truly,


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