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Letter from J.E. McAllister to James Goldie, September 21, 1927 McAllister, J.E. Sep 21, 1927

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TORONTO       -    2.
September 21st. 1927,
James Goldie, Esq.,
Rainbow Ranche,
Okanagan Centre, B.C.
Bear Mr. Goldie:-
Your letter of August 26th. was received, and to-day I
have your letter of September 16th., from which I note that the
Wealthy pack was over the estimate, it also seems to have been of
very good gra^e.  Our experiment with the Forclson tractor has
evidently been costly.   I also note what you say about filling
in the blanks in the orchard, and I am all in favor of this.  Why
do you have to bud back the grafted trees in the north-east ten
acres to the varieties originally planted?  It looks as though
irrigation water would always be a problem in that valley.
with reference to financing, if our demand loan at date
of August 26th. stood at S6400.00, we must have used a considerable
amount of our own cash as working capital. We should disburse our
cash as soon as it is available.  "Horner has written to me two or
three times about this, he has been at great expense over there as
I have also here, so that as soon as you can see your way to financing
through the year, you should disburse the cash as it comes in.
Dormer has been greatly worried by lack of information received from
you with regard to operations and prospects of the ranch for the year.
In both the letters you have written me covering this you said that
you were forwarding copies to him, so that I did not send them on.
I understand from the Vernon Hews that our payments will
be paid very much earlier this year than they have \>een  in the past.
Why should we not make a disbursement to cover expenses the same as
we did last year, and then pay all the balance in dividends?  In paying
dividends the books will naturally show that B. G. McAllister will
receive the half share of any dividends paid.  From your estimate of
35,000 cases, we should have about $18,000 to disburse, providing we
only received an average of .40^ per box better than last year, as I
gather from your letter that our expenditure has not been any greater,
if as great.  We appear to have received .60^ a box better for our
Wealthies, and .26yf better for the crabs.
The Vernon News and the Bulletin come regularly and are of
great interest.
With regard to marketing for next year, it is impossible
at this distance to form an opinion as to what we should do,the local
conditions are so intricate and intermixed that only a person who is -2-
on the ground is in a position to weigh the subject properly.
I note that you expect to be in Toronto early in
November, and I expect to be here then.  I will be very glad
to see you.  The main thing is now to get all available money
disbursed at the earliest possible date.
I hope that your family is progressing well and that
everything moves all right at the ranch during the packing and
shipping.  Will Mrs. Goldie be coming East with you?
Yours very truly,


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