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Letter from James Goldie to J.E. McAllister and R.S. Dormer, January 29, 1929 Goldie, James Jan 29, 1929

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Jan. 29th. 1929.
J.E*McAl ister I2sq
36 Toronto Street,
Toronto,  Ont.
Thanks fa* your letter of the 24th.
I last wrote yog on the 8th.     Since than i have attended the
B.C.F.O.A. Convention at "enticton..   The Vernon News last week
was full o^ Convention talk.  The editoral gives a fair idea of
what happend.     I aa enclosing an artioilt Fiaai Sundays Province.
It, I think ,explains our position w^ry  well. Yon algttt oabd this
clipping on to Dormer when you are through.with it.
did not
While the Convention/sema to. ravor a Central Ceiling Agency
there is no doubt that the growers all feel that it has got to come
some day, an1 if the Act had h®a.n  thrown out by tho Appeal Court
would have voted for  it to come into being at once.  The Chinamen
now look as if they were going to take tho Act to the Privy Oouncil,
If they lo.tho leetaten rill Likely come '4own about the time that
this years strop begins to nova*
I ii gpol&g to be a move made to cut the Associated tonnage
by getting rid of some of the outside Locals, which at the present time
hurt the Associated Fools.   The Associated reaUy have too much
to handle through their present outlets.   One factor which never
appears in print is that the Nash Metises (Tutual) are XOOjS behind
Sales iervlee.  The Hash people handle close on 60,* of the Prarie
bu&i&OS* and a^e able to throw all the buisness to Sales Oorvice.
This leaves the Associated with the independent Jobbers handling
about 40/v  TTie Independent Jobbers of course are not. controlled by
one man end can not throw all their buisness to any one.
t full orat> oaah as last year the effect of this Jobber support
is rory evident. The ""ales Service is pretty well cleaned up and
the Associtol are carrying the load.    As laaft as the Growers do
not work together fhe  Wash crowd are ^oin?; to dictate, to th® Ikana^an.
lith a crop such as 1927 the Associated: should do as well if not ]?§
better than the Sales "ervice but Hill always be lower in full crop
years.   Shipping through the Sales service or independently we
would have to provide frost nroof storage.  fa would also have to
run the risk ^inaniMly of the Shippers failure.  I am going to
see what arrangements could be made to &&  through the Sales Service.
The Okanagan crop,also the Washington one, is likely to be light
this season, so onions we can get a gaed proposition I think we
should carry on for another year and see what haprans.
The Macintosh pools are out but we have not got the Accounts
Sales.  It looks as tf we would net about five hundred less than
I estimated when making out the Statement.    I have no more information
about the other pools.
la ragard to '".r'-.hs.rd varieties. The' 81 g Jonathan Block is
now bulded over to Red Delicious and Red Staymen iflneeap. o o
J.72.MCA   (2)
J^n 29th. 1929,
The East end of the florth Orchard, which is now Jonathan and Wunsuch,
has been filled with young trees and will be bulled this coming Fall.
I have not made up my min*1 as to what to make these.
In the 17 acres, that is the South Sast corner,   there were  202 Jonathan
trees ns   ^illers^he^e have been removed leaving now only Macintosh
and Rome Beauty in this lot.       The only block of Jonathan that
we have not made arrangement! to take out,is the on^planted to Jonathan
and ^a^ner, and a few trees on the Hogs Back. This block of trees
is a problem, "^oun^ trees can not be planted without first pulling
out the old ones, as the new trees will have to be planted in the
same holes.  In many places the Warners have died or are very sick,
if we now pull the Sonathan we will have a blank for some years.
It has been demonstrated that a youn^ tree planted in the same spot
on which an old  tree has grown,will not  thrive.     This  will make  it ,necessai
necessary to hawl new soil  for all   young  trees now planted.
I propose starting at  this   job next   .Pali,   just  taking out  the number
which  I  think we can handle.
It  is difficult  ^or me  to  see how the  cost of production dan
be cut much below our oresent  figures,   in  fact  it  is almost necessary
to  increase  the cost*   that  is   the  Acre  cost. If  the  pruning,spraying,
irrigation and  cultivation  is  not kept upfthe  yiild  will  be  decreased.
The  cost  per box  is  the vital  thin?* and one must   work with  this  in view.
Thinning is  one operation  that h*s never been done  to my satisfaction.
I  think our present method- of operation from the  picking  to  loading
in the car is  fairly efficient.     Last   Fall  I  went  into  this last question
pretty thoroughly in fashinton.   I  will  try to gat out a report on this
ttf»p for my records as  well  as   for your information.
The  secret  o^Apple growing  is  to «;row the  tonnage and  to make that
tonnage fafyfrfipt a hi^h 8rede or fruit.     This of course after you
have  good varieties.planted   in  the orchard.
Fob.  2nd.
I have been in be^  since  the above  was   written.     Am up again
and feeling fit,
Next Seasons crop should be fairly good, judging from present -
appearances. fe will not have so many Jonathan af course, but I look
for an increase  in Macs.  Newtown and  Homes.
Since   the  20th.   the  weather has very cold.       About  Zero most
of the  time.       7  Below was   the  coldest  it  went  at   the House.
It   is  reported  that   Soldotreaa Had about  50  Below.
There  is  about a foot and  a half snow in the Orchard  so  that   the  trees
ohoold not oaffor.
I   will  send a  copy o^  this  to  Dormer
Tours  sincerely,


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