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judge’s essay
Marcos Gonsalez “Judge’s Essay”
Emma Zimmerman “Translation”
Daniel Kessel “Notes from Encampment”
Ronaldo Acuna “Fathers”
Jess Taylor “Pelvis”
fiction Judith Pond “Pictures”
Tehila Hakimi “Relocation” Trans. Joanna Chen
Janette Platana “This is where she showed me the weed for washing hair”
Antony Fangary “Psalm 47”
Camille Lendor “there are Two Fridas”
Ashleigh A. Allen “I see three bison before”
Poonam Dhir “aftermath in hot air”
Sun Tzu-ping “Placing the Body” Trans. Nicholas Wong
Debora Anthonypillai’ “As the Sun Comes Down”
Fiona Tinwei Lam “Pentimento”
Betsy Struthers “Can’t sleep”
ALHS “the collarbone percussionist”
Elena Bentley “Losing the Excess”
Jesse Holth “Bodies”

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