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judge's essay
Ariana Brown "What Does the Poem Ask of Me?"
s c a b
Tanvi Bhatia & Emily Chou "Letter from the Editors"
Emily Johnson "Good Friends"
Jessi Lewis "Simmer"
Corinna Chong "the snare. the arm. the guinea pig. the bottle. the bus. the night."
Felix Wong "Shall We Talk"
R. Shabalin "The Surfacing"
Joe Nasta "Model Homes"
Karen Lee "only the bottom left quadrant of my hair is full"
Madelaine Caritas Longman "Dermatillomania"
Leyla Pavão Chisamore "Queer Phenomenology"
Natalie Wee "In Defense of My Roommate's Dog"
Julie Mannell "The Lafleur Brothers"
Jule Mannell "The Lafleur Brothers (b-side)"
Heather Fraser "Blackwater I"
Nedda Sarshar "Leave-taking"
Siew David Hii "Bad Book Review of the North Star  after Dorianne Laux"
Erin Noteboom "We should bring chocolate; we   should bring salt (ritual for marking the occurrence of something large and awful)"
K.R. Segriff "Fish Nights with Dad"
Jessica Bebenek "The Future"
MLA Chernoff "My Deadname is an Open Question"
Jocelyn Williams "This Ends in Betrayal"
Danielle P. Williams "[but do you really like black people?]"
Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhrán "crosstown"
Imani Cezanne "Worst Case Scenario"

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