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Judge's essay
Alexander Chee 7 Acts of Magic
Caragana Ennis 43 A Bird-Shaped Hole in History
Fríða Ísberg 46 Profile Trans. Larissa Kyzer
Eliamani Ismail 60 Ohio
Angelique Stevens 8 Ghost Bread
Stacey May Fowles 29 Like a Branch From a Tree in a Storm
Joshua Whitehead 75 Me, the Joshua Tree
Ariel Gordon 19 Pandemic Diary, Day 32
Christina Shah 23 Interior Bar, 1986
Kari Teicher 24 This is How You Prepare a Fish
Zachery Cooper 25 Hereditary
Stephanie Jean 39 Conch
Colin Morton 40 Tinnitus
Leanne Toshiko Simpson 41 (Re)visiting Hours are Over
Tolu Oloruntoba 45 Ariadne Speaks after Clint Smith
Geoffrey Morrison 56 Confined Space Rescue
Emma DePanise 57 Octopus as Apparent Motion
Brent Cassan 58 Starfield West
Maryam Gowralli 59 Ibid, II: Ancestral Hotline
Ellie Sawatzky 72 A Synonym for Oracle
Henri Meschonnic 73 They are Without Eyes They are Without HandsTrans. Gaby Bedetti and Don Boes
Edward Dewar 74 Skunk
Isabella Wang 88 Serenade No. 1 in Sunflowers for Mikayla
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