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Emma Cleary & Molly Cross-Blanchard 8 Letter from the Editors
Anne Stone & Wayde Compton 10 Antiquing in Vermont
John Elizabeth Stintzi 25 What Is a Body If Not
Dessa Bayrock 27 The Patron Saint of Butchers is also the Patron Saint of Surgeons and Abortions
Nicole Melanson 28 Small Talk
Hannah Green 29 Late Nights
Stefani Nellen 34 The Moment
Tanis Franco 46 The Fourth Region of a Venn Diagram is the Unoccupied Region
Traci Skuce 47 The Half-Life of Swimming Lessons
Maggie Burton 48 Transformation Gag
Graeme Bezanson 49 I March in the Parade of Liberty but as Long as I Love You I'm Not Free
Charity E. Yoro 50 Our Lady of 'Iolani
Catherine Seton 54 How do they use you?
Liz Harmer 55 Decisive Action
Hege A. Jakobsen Lepri 69 Spoon
Geoff Anderson 70 Plantation
Jonathan Glenn Travelstead 71 Dark Forest
Jennie Chantal Duguay 73 Hide & Seek
Amanda Merpaw 75 during the service at st stephen's episcopal church
Alysa Hullett 78 A Respectful Letter to the Living
lue boileau 79 I Swallow Creatures Whole
Jacob M. Appel 80 Attachment
Senaa Ahmad 81 The Women, Before and After
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