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Contents<BR><BR>JACOB ZILBER PRIZE JUDGE’S ESSAY<BR>Thalia Field – What Won’t Stay Buried<BR><BR>JACOB ZILBER GRAND PRIZE WINNER<BR>Michael Mendonez – The Baptism of Alleluia Gomez<BR><BR>JACOB ZILBER PRIZE RUNNERS-UP<BR>Mi-Kyung Shin – Sisters on a Quest<BR>Angélique Lalonde – Pooka<BR><BR>FICTION<BR>Lizzie Derksen – Ella<BR>Ben Ladouceur – A Boy of Good Breeding<BR>Kate Gunn – Glacier<BR><BR>POETRY<BR>Cathy Van Berkem – Blind<BR>Ashley Obscura – From Ambient Technology<BR>Light Zachary – Bye, Little acts<BR>Aidan Chafe – Eternal Optimist<BR>Alycia Pirmohamed – Origins<BR>Junie Désil – An Apology<BR>rob mclennan – Once upon a time, in Picton<BR>Doretta Lau – How to Live, Ceremony<BR>Charlene Kwiatkowski – Text to Vancouver<BR>Natasha Sanders-Kay – Punished<BR>Bryce Warnes – Brilliant Career

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