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Contents <BR><BR> UNTIL <BR> P.C. Vandall – Applesauce <BR> Sarah Christina Brown – Land of Living Skies <BR> Betsy Warland – Bedroom door beside table drawer <BR> Marc Perez – Dog Food <BR> Billeh Nickerson – Pretty in Love ; Ball Twins <BR> Yolande House – HEAR ME <BR> George Stanley – Apollo <BR><BR> SPLIT <BR> Autumn Bernhardt – Bad Lakota <BR> Matthew Baker – What Is a Traitor? <BR> Canisia Lubrin – In the Garden with Sigmund Freud <BR> Preeti Kaur Dhaliwal – Body/Home <BR> David Ly – White+++ <BR> Kasia van Schaik – Crime Scenes ; Crime Scenes #2 (This Is Fine) ; Crime Scenes #3 (Piranha) ; Crime Show <BR> P.C. Vandall – Waste Not, Want Not <BR> Madeleine Maillet – Bad Jokes for Women Who Want to Be Good <BR> Jamie Sharpe – Pardon My Glove LP <BR><BR> NO FILTER <BR> Kevin Spenst – Post That Never Made it to Facebook but Was Screencaptured and Put on Instagram <BR> Amanda Ghazale Aziz – A Recollection of Thank Yous <BR> George Stanley – Love <BR> Tess Liem – Quiet Lie <BR> Libby Osler – AREWEOK <BR> Chris Oke – Bone Music <BR> Frankie Barnet – The Decrease <BR> Suzanna Derewicz – Gaslight <BR><BR> THE PACIFIC SPIRIT POETRY PRIZE <BR><BR> JUDGE’S ESSAY <BR> Aisha Sasha John – On the 2017 Pacific Spirit Poetry Prize Winning Poems <BR><BR> GRAND PRIZE WINNER <BR> Ashley Hynd – First Communion (1992) <BR><BR> RUNNERS-UP <BR> Danielle Janess – Immersion <BR> Tara Fietz – Skins

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