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Kyla Jamieson and Shazia Hafiz Ramji – Letters from the Editor

Grouse Grind Lit Prize Winner

Jill Talbot – Girls

No Tether

Sarah Van Bonn – A Year Nowhere
Jeremy Stewart – lilac theme
Stephanie Sauer – Between the Ends of Worlds, Touch
Russell Thornton – Cell
Mohamad Kebbewar – Children of War
Aviva Dale Martin – Barcelona

Time is Not Here

Lydia Kwa – Letter to My Former Selves
Meredith Quartermain – Letter to bp on Train Crossing the Rockies
Babe Carlisle – Tangerine Dreams
Nathan Dueck – Milli Vanilli
Andy Verboom – Roofspeak
Rob Budde – Testes
Sheung-King – Lanterns & Letters

Down & Out

Elaine Woo – Picking at a Scab on My Wrist
Marta Balcewicz – This Is East Euro
Ned Baeck – Deep-sea Radio
Kia Miakka Natisse – I Have a Brother Named Jamaal
Geoffrey Nilson – No Longer Here in Front of Us
Steven Takatsu – Night, Sleep, Death, and the Stars
Xavier Queipo – Metromania
Translated by Jacob Rogers
Ricardo Pau-Llosa – Husserlian Meditation: Barcode
Jason Christie – Glass Language
Becky Blake – The Reboot Diary

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