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“Used To It” by Michael Meagher
“The Swallow and the Squid” by Carolyn Watson
“Waning Moon Swells” by Rachael Moorthy
“Jamming” by Ann S. Epstein
“Mog-a-moos” by S.C. Bayat
“The Problem with Mallory Pete” by Katherine Murray
“How Do You Like Them Eggs?” by Tanya R. Ward
“Comfort Zone by” by Matthew Hollett
“Knitted Thylacine” by Paisley Rekdal
“Two Poems” by Ben Ladouceur
“Two Poems” by John Wall Barger
“Arrival at the New College” by Laura Ritland
“Two Poems” by Michael V. Smith
“Top Reasons Why Women Check Into Psych Wards” by Laisha Rosnau
“Poor, Delicious Nine” by Jamie Sharo
“Three Prose Poems” by Eve Joseph
“Postcard from Dystopia: II. Drifting to Pescara” by Iheoma Nwachukwu
“Two Poems” by Laura Farina
“Bus Window” by Stephen Brown
“Rip Tide” by Rebecca Rustin
“Hard Rime” by Lisa Baird
“The Door” by Tom Wayman

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