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CONTENTS menagerie Tammy Armstrong “Tiger and the Midnight Man” Farah Ghafoor “Domestic Animals” Courtney Bates-Hardy “A Lepidopterist Speaks to the Shobijin” Matthew Pitt “How Forever It Feels” echoes Noel Cheruto “The Greatest Orkoyot” Suphil Lee Park “Left Angel, Right Devil” Meaghan Rondeau “Self-Portrait of the Author Fucking with Linear Time While Making No Love at All” Yaissa Jiménez “Doña Tatá” Trans. Emily Hunsberger Kyle Gervais “Family Portrait at Supper with Wheelchair” Rachel Deutsch “The Odessas” spirals Sandra Tsz Ching Lau “上身 (IN-BODY, or POSSESSED)” Erica McKeen “Anne, Cassandra, and the Sleep House” Sabrina Vellani “Plum Castles and Rat Kings” Aldona Dziedziejko “The Gods of Garbage Heaps” Sneha Subramanian Kanta “You Once Told Me to Look at The Sea to Understand Life” Marco Melfi “Set Out at Six” Zach Swiss “The Lodge”

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