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“The Recall Year” by Emily Schultz
“I Am Dreaming of the Grand Hotel Europe Again” by Stacey May Fowles, illustrated by Marlena Zuber
“Salvadoran Graphics” by Jessica Belt
“If I Were a Painter” / “The Fathers are Dying” / “This Bookish Night” by Paul Tyler
“Standing in Line with Headset at the Monet Exhibit” by Leonard Neufeldt
“Kandinsky” / “Sculpture” / “Copper Thunderbird” by Eleonore Schonmaier
“The Painting” by Karen Connelly
“Still, Life” by Fiona Lam
“Emily Carr: Indian Church” / “Emily Carr: Tree, 1932-33” / “Vincent Van Gogh: Long Grass with Butterflies” by Kate Braid”
“To Paint the Poet as a Driver” by Antony Di Nardo
“Routes” by Rose Adams
“Francesca” by Shawn Riopelle
“Yes, Words Really Do” / “Not Counting the Ones” / “A Homemade Life” by Michael Trussler
“Deadheading in the Garden” by Trisha Cull
“Fluttering” / “Over the Bars” / “By Ginger” by Allyson Haller
“Faraway” by Robert Malinowski
“Word Count” by Diane Schoemperlen (subscribers only)

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