Meiji at 150

The Meiji at 150 digital collection was expanded in 2022 to include companion outputs, such as podcasts, from the broader Meiji at 150 project. The original image collection consisted of digitized versions of materials that were produced primarily in Japan during the Meiji period (1868-1912). These included 21 Meiji-era woodblock prints, 1 hand-painted kimono book, a 7-volume book on the Ainu, 1 tourist album, 2 Japanese-Canadian booklets, and 41 photographs from the John Cooper Robinson collection. This digitization project was made possible through generous funding from the Consulate General of Japan in Vancouver and through collaboration between the Asian Library, Digital Initiatives, and Rare Books and Special Collections. Visual essays created as part of the Meiji at 150 Digital Teaching Resource pair visuals and illustrations from this collection.

In the Meiji at 150 Podcast series, host Tristan Grunow (UBC) conducted 120 interviews with specialists of Japanese history, literature, art, and culture.  Topics covered range from the position of the Meiji Restoration and Meiji Period in each scholar’s research, to how they view the significance of the Restoration in Japanese and global history, and finally to how they teach the Meiji Period in their classrooms.