Andrew McCormick Maps and Prints

A diverse collection of historical maps and illustrations, dating from 1503 to 1910, documenting the exploration and mapping of the world, the evolution of cartography, and the exploration and settlement of North America.

Dr. Andrew Quinn McCormick (1929-2006) was a long-time faculty member of the Department of Ophthalmology, with his first appointment at UBC in 1967.   He was an active researcher, lecturer, and practicing ophthalmologist.  Respected by his peers and colleagues, McCormick was considered a superb teacher and dedicated ophthalmologist beloved by his patients. McCormick also practiced at BC Children’s Hospital and traveled overseas to deliver care in China and Peru.  McCormick is perhaps best known for his groundbreaking contributions to the development of the discussion, knowledge, and research on Retinopathy of Prematurity, the study of newborn eye disorders. 

Receiving his MD from McGill University after completing his Bachelor of Science in Zoology, McCormick worked as an ambulance driver and eventually as a resident in Internal Medicine as well as Ophthalmology at Vancouver General Hospital.  He also studied at the University of London in the Institute of Ophthalmology in the United Kingdom.

Andrew McCormick’s dedication kept him practicing ophthalmology until 2002, and he is remembered for his commitment to his field and to the people surrounding him.